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maybe I should have used a photo of my compost tumbler for my avatar.
Hummm.....don't know what to think. I have only been here about a year and half, and soo much has happened and changed. Yes, etsy is a business, and that business is a selling venue. Without us(the shops) creating quality items that people want to buy, there would not be the huge growth of etsy as a company....and the fact is that we(the shops) advertise on our own to bring people to the site, helping etsy grow every time we tell someone about it. Still everyday I talk to a handful of people who never heard of Etsy.

I just hope all the little people(shops), who work solo, create every item by hand, can still survive when it is all said and done. People come here because of the foundation of "handmade". They can buy a quilt, skirt, necklace, or lamp cheaper at Wolly World.....but they choose handmade instead. Please oh Please don't stray any furthur....this will kill Etsy as a company, and turn it to a venue like eBay or Alibaba. Growth is fine and long as you keep and live by your core beliefs and meaning.
this is a big bowlful of hilari-os.
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I got give a shout out to all the people who said etsy was making changes because they were looking for investors. The thought was IPO, but this is a more secret way to get money.
gifteddesigns from GiftedDesigns says
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What more can be added or changed here??? Could they just let things go for a while and just let us sell??

It is like a comment that was made in the long wedding thread, etsy is treating us as though we are selling their things. As though we are all working for them. We are all independent shop owners selling our own things. I am working for me.


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jill from jill2day says Edited on May 9, 2012

^^^^^ THIS again!!!!

^^^^ THIS x 20 MILLION


Since a couple of you have brought this up, I wanted to touch upon it for just a moment. I know it feels like things are moving quickly here at Etsy, and in a fashion they are! We're privileged to have incredible talent working for us, building and improving upon features for you as sellers and for all of our buyers to make buying and selling on Etsy an increasingly better experience. Any touched on some of these things here:

We love making these things for you, and if you talk to anyone who works at Etsy you'll find that a motivation that drives all of us is that we want to see you do well. We're so excited to be here as a marketplace for your individual businesses and that we can help to change the world by advancing a people-powered economy. Chad comments on this much more eloquently than I do here:

You're not working for us; you're building and running your own independent businesses, and we are thrilled to be a part of that. There's still plenty for us to do, but as we add new features and new improvements we'll be keeping our FAQs up to date for you here:

And you can always reach out to Etsy's Support Team if you have any questions:

I hope this is helpful!
Thanks, Rob.

Do you care to comment on the concerns about resellers masquerading as collectives? Any words for the thousands of Etsy shop owners who are participating in the peaceful sit-down today?
Whoa - scraped by didn't they? Score of 80 required and they got 80.1? While an admirable idea the message here seems to be - try harder. This was a site founded on the concepts of handmade, supporting small business, community, and ethical business and they only just made the grade? "Governance" includes communicating with sellers and the score is very low there.

Good start, let's see Etsy improve!

Thanks for responding. I do appreciate the sentiment and words, but it would go so far to have regular communication and updates from the Etsy team, just a sellers' area or newsletter, where once a _______ (week, month, quarter??) we would know where to look for all updates and news, and where expectations could be set. Even bad news!! The coordinated shops is an example of continued unrest that just doesn't need to be there... Just tell us what is going on - Did you decided not to offer it? Was the infrastructure is much larger than expected? Was it just simply back-burnered? While we may or may not agree with the answer, and update (after one year!!) is certainly not asking too much.

If we are Etsy's customers and are valued, then work needs to work on "Customer Management" skills and communication on an ongoing and consistent basis!!

We all want Etay to succeed too! But we also want to feel a part of, or at least informed about, the decision making that affects us.

If you (communal, not personal "you") realize that we are independent business owners, and are interested in our success, you will also understand the need for us to PLAN!! When changes come (or don't come) without warning, intelligent business action becomes panicked reaction!!

Set our expectations so that we know when a change is coming, what went into the process, how it is going to be introduced, and where, how and if our input is important.

Can someone explain what this all about briefly in laymen's terns? I seriously have issues with my attention span, I was lost at 'B-corp'!
To be fair, I have not totally read nor totally digested the meaning of all of this. Other than recognition and accomplishment is something to be proud of. I do plan on trying to understand this from a logical stand point. However as an member of the registered set I represent a part of the some 15 million registered members:
Notes From Chad: Funding Etsy’s Future
We have different offices near the Brooklyn Bridge, a working elevator, almost 300 employees, and last month alone, the community sold about $65 million in goods. Each month, 40 million people around the world visit Etsy, with 15 million registered members and 875,000 sellers generating those sales in 150 countries.
and one with a desire to become part of the 875,000 sellers, although this number is not in keeping with the number displayed when Shops are interrogated using the search bar.

Home › Shop Search Results 401,772 shops found

a number which is less than half of that claim.

But as a buyer my needs are simple
1. A search program that is self explanatory and intuitively obvious as to how it works so it can be used efficiently by some one looking to find a product and the search bar at the top of the page although functional and powerful?
Is not that.
2. A category based search program that is also easy to use, intuitively obvious as to how to use it and will self guide some one through it to find what is being looked for!
And the Category search used here to find things with is also none of the above and, and the operative word is AND! Is functional. And the existing category search is also non of the above AND does not work. Also has not worked since day zero over my membership time

Now if I was to be a seller and with either 400,000 + of them or 800,000 + of them depending on which statistic you choose to accept, my membership is insignificant other than to me. I would need exactly the same things to have my products be found.
And they do not exist for either function. That of a buyer nor that of a seller.
And with some 300 admitted employees and an elevator that now works, it seems to me that some time and money could be spent resolving that.
Those are basic issues and needs.
The fluff, frosting and smoke and mirrors really have little value other than bling or possibly masking an illusion.

I will at my convenience read and understand this announcement. But in doing so I am afraid that that while the accomplishments certainly deserves recognition. Just as Etsy, a multi-million dollar a month company needs to and wants to have and should at rights deserve it.
A cottage industry grossing in the area of $150.00 a month on average does too and at the moment I do not see a correlation between the two.

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