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>so a little over 1.5 million per person spent?? I don't think so

nope, relook at your math... each visitor averaged $1.63 spent...
"This a commitment Etsy has made as a company. The B Corp certification doesn’t change anything for our community or our marketplace policies. "

Thank you, anee. That pretty much sums it up.
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Inactive Etsy Member 1:49pm May 9, 2012 EDT


I'm amazing at math, I promise
*goes off in search of coffee*
Hmmm, a lot of the words in that message don't have much, if any, actual meaning... "humane values" for instance. Just saying. I'm fine with Etsy as it is. The venue works for me. I'm laid-up at the moment and have too much time to read and think about what I read today...LOL!
anee says

We'll keep adding features that will make it easier for you to manage your shop. You will see lots of positive changes as we roll out new languages, expand Direct Checkout, and provide other options like gift cards.

+ + +

can you tell us why B-Corporation instead of Benefit Corporation, which is a legal entity?

how does this impact the current problems with factory labor sellers and resellers?

how does this impact the existing zero input etsy's customers have presently to affect policy? policy really has the potential to either enhance or damage our businesses in a big way, and presently there's no incentive to consider the interests of lower-sale customers vs. big-sale customers.

etsy's sellers have provided a tremendous amount of unpaid added value to the company and i think the high emotions involving policy reflect concern over losing the value we have invested in the etsy "community."

thank you.
I'm generation is no longer in charge. To the new people in generation opened those doors for you. I have to trust you to take care of us ....all of us....we deserve no less.
I notice Etsy scored really poorly on Community & barely made the 80% cut:

makes me look at a few recent announcements in a new light; I think some were specifically engineered so they could pass this test.
Etsy’s chief executive, Chad Dickerson, took the post last July from Rob Kalin, one of the original founders, who was nudged out by the board.

I think that says the founder's mission is no longer etsy's mission. It all about the money.
We are committed to continue with our mission of providing a great marketplace for buyers and sellers! This investment will allow us to provide even more tools to do that. Stay tuned, you'll love what's in the works :-)
I am curious Anee is says that the current grade for Etsy is a B from the third party independent place. Part of that is stated as being because you guys listen and take into consideration the sellers. Oh really well is there someone you can direct us to at this third party place so we complain that their numbers in our view are shockingly off and pretty much a outright falsehood.

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