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Turning off syndication?

I was advised on another selling website that I should turn off my syndication here, otherwise Google would dump all of my listings from searches. (I have different listing on the other website than I do here at Etsy, they are not duplicate listings.) Has anyone got an opinion on this? Is this good advice, or bad advice? I don't know what to do.

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Interesting discussion and some great things to consider here.

I just wanted to pop in and let you know that if you'd like to be removed from Google Product Search, we can remove your syndication status. You can contact our Support team for help doing this at any time:

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If the listings are not duplicate, there isn't a problem.
That advice might make sense if you had duplicate listings, but I don't see how it makes sense otherwise! (Plus, I don't think you have the option to turn off syndication.)
I checked my items on Google Product Search ( last night and found both my etsy AND ArtFire items on there!

So, I don't think that's true. There were even some of my website listings, too.

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Inactive Etsy Member 2:39pm May 9, 2012 EDT
Actually, Anita. google product shopping does not want duplicate listings. You just haven't been caught yet. If the Op's are not duplicates then there's not a problem.

Duplicate and Borrowed Content
"You may only submit one listing per item, no matter if you own multiple websites."
Actually, I didn't check to see if the items were the same or not. I just saw that I had listings from each of my sites -- not necessarily the "same" ones!

I haven't "submitted" anything, myself. Please don't infer that I'm doing anything "wrong!"

Thank you!

Thanks, all, for the input.

As I mention, all my listings are OOAK, so there shouldn't be a problem. I was having a problem with my Google search preferences not staying on at the other site. Hopefully now it's fixed and all I have to do is wait approx 3 to 4 weeks before the stuff gets picked up by Google (I was told that's how long it takes.) I'm just about over all the technical stuff! Selling online use to be fun. What happened to that?
Sounds like a site I used to sell on. It dropped my entire shop out of Google shopping on fairly frequent basis. The site also dropped my photos from my listings (twice), and my colors reverted to black fairly frequently.

After putting up with the bugs for 9 months, I finally realized they were not going to fix the issues, the most they did was a temporary patch. Talking to friends who still have shops there, they say the bugs are still there, and new ones have appeared.

Some sites are just crappy.
Just wondering... If you have duplicate listings does all but one get dropped, or do they all get dropped? Also, how alike do the listings have to be to be considered duplicate? Exact or similar? And what is Google looking at to decide?
There is a seller called CabinHollow. He has his art on various venues all over the web. He doesn't change his listings one iota, and they still show up on Google Shopping, usually side-by-side. He has been doing this for years.

Here is a search, see all his duplicates? Makes me wonder about how picky Google Shopping really is.

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