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can't find my shop

I opened my shop yesterday but so far I am unable to locate it when I log in under a different email address and act as a shopper. when I enter the name of the shop I get a messate that it doesn't exist. How long does it take Etsy to activate your shop? and what is the web site address that I can provide to my customers? I have sent two messages to the help 'contact' us but so far I have not recieved an answer.

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are there any items in it? it still looks like a buyer's account to me. did you start at sell... in blue at the top of this page.

if there aren't any items in it yet it will not show up in a shop search. you have to have a least one item listed.
Hi Shirley, I don't see a shop linked to this account. Do you have another account, or have you just not clicked the "Sell" link at top left to finish setting up a shop?
What is your shop's name? If it's under the name you have for your post here, then it looks like you aren't set up as a seller, or we would see your shop link.
I went through each step after clicking the 'sell' link and once I clicked the 'open shop' link it said I was charged for the six items I listed... And this is the only account I have for selling, I do have another one that I set up a long time ago for buying but the selling one was just started yesterday.
It looks like your new shop is still in draft mode. We're rolling out a new shop creation process to a portion of members opening up shop, which allow you do create a shop in draft mode and then open it to the public when you're ready for customers.

This new process provides much more guidance on getting all the pieces of your shop in place before you fully open for business.

There are 5 steps to complete before you fully open your shop. You've listed some items, now you just need to set up your payment options accepted by your shop and enter your billing information.

Once you complete these steps you can fully open up your shop! If you have any questions about this process please feel free to ask.
Then how do I get the shop out of draft mode? I went through each step as it came up and I did click on the open shop button.
thanks lisa june. that is very helpful for us to know when we are trying to help new shop owners.
I just went back and checked everything, I have completed all five steps in setting up the shop, including payment options and billing, so why am I still not an open business?
Lisa June thanks for posting!

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