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Purchase that needs to go live again, shopper changed mind

I recently opened up shop and still very new to all of this.

Though sales have been great :)

Today I got someone purchase a few bracelets that they've changed their mind on. How do I make them live again? All I see is the option to make live again (which would charge me another .20)... and the option to COPY which basically duplicates it, and again charges that .20 for a new listing.

Is this going to be considered a new listing no matter what?
I was hoping to be able to simply make live again, taking it off my Sales section back to my Shop section...

Anyone else experience this?
Can I make it live again or must I pay for another listing?

Thanks so much in advance!

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here you go. Answers all your questions for cancelling the sale and getting your fees back
relist or copy it for 20 cents...then cancel the sale..
you will get back your selling fee plus the 20 cents in about 24 hours
also remember that you cannot list something contingent on something else being bought....
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Inactive Etsy Member 10:12pm May 11, 2012 EDT
What Donna said.

Etsy will refund your relising fee. However, if you do not relist it before Etsy cancels it, you will lose the listing and have to redo it and pay again.
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Inactive Etsy Member 10:13pm May 11, 2012 EDT
Heatherlee, it's nice to see a newbie say sales have been good. Congrats and wishing you continued good sales.

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