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I want to pay with my Paypal...there is not an option for that at checkout

Any help would be appreciated.


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Some sellers do not accept that form of payment. You should contact the seller.
You're trying to buy from a shop here and there is no PayPal option?
You need to select the Paypal option below the credit card option.

If a shopkeeper accepts credit cards directly, it defaults to it.

That happened to me when I bought the other day and it took me a minute to figure it out.

or the other seller does not accept paypal, could be too
That's what I was going to say too, AnyOldTime.

It sounds like the seller has Direct Checkout enabled which defaults to paying by credit card and not by PayPal.

Jamie, if the seller accepts PayPal, you should see that option towards the bottom of the checkout page.
If you can't find it - contact the seller and ask them if they accept it and could send you a paypal invoice if it's not in their listing.
Thanks everyone...I am now wondering what my customers see when they checkout of my shop. Interesting that there are different options now for each shop. I thought you HAD to use paypal and the new credit card thing was an added option. Thanks for the help!

Hi everyone, I just went and paid. It looks like I must have skipped a page the first time I tried to check out. All the options were mistake. Thanks for the help though! ~Jamie
Jamie -- I, as a seller, thank you for being persistent in trying to pay for whatever it was you've bought! I wish it weren't so difficult.

I also wanted to mention that we are all individual sellers and choose our own payment methods. No one "makes" you use anything. You could take only, say, checks & money orders, if you wanted to!

I choose PayPal only, myself. From what I've read about the delayed getting your funds from the new Direct Checkout and not getting paid until you actually SHIP something, including Custom orders, it doesn't sound like something that I'd want.

But, as I said, each Seller makes their own decisions about that!

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