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EUR- US- Other Front Pages

I am trying to grasp what is going on with front page. Do europeans see only treasuries made by european's ( and in particular germans see german fp etc) and does US sees different front pages?
Why is that and is that good for international sales?
It seems limiting a shop's number of potential customers.
If anyone has an idea please enlighten me too! :-)))

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If you scroll down, you can change your location to see what the other International Pages are seeing.

I think that a minimum number of sellers included in the International Front Pages have to ship to that country, if I am not mistaken.
To appear on the European front page the treasury has to contain at least 8 shops that are located in Europe, and every item has to ship to at least one country in Europe. I think the UK, France and Germany also have their own front pages, but I could be wrong.

As long as shops have international shipping then there is nothing stopping European shops appearing on the main front page and US shops appearing on the local front pages.

I think Etsy does this so that people who have just discovered the site aren't seeing items that can't be shipped to their country on the very first page - could be a turn off or make them assume it's only a US/European/Australian/whatever site and then they don't look any further.

I'm based in the UK and so far I've had two of my treasuries picked for the main(US) front page and one treasury for the UK front page, so I don't think location is limiting exposure at all.

Now if I can just get one of my ITEMS on ANY front page I will be very happy ;)
On occasion I'll set my 'region' to the UK just to watch the UK front pages.

And yes, I'll curate treasuries with the specific intention of highlighting shops from outside the USA. I've had a treasury on the UK front page and never even knew it until one of the featured artists told me.
thank you all for the info. I think it's starting to make some sense now though i'd still think that it'd be preferable to have one front page this way not only you could find out if your treasury has been on FP but also see the trends worldwide and try to make products that are hot and trendy.
Thanx for the help!

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