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Big change in search results

Over the past three or four days I have had a big drop in views (and sales) from the etsy search and from google searches. From what I can tell, there haven't been major changes how well I show up in relevancy (at least when I do the search...though I guess they could be running multiple versions of the search where I don't show up well). My google results are at about a third of what they were a week ago (and also where they have been for the past three or four months). I know the google search could go back to working for me at any time since they change it often, but what are the odds that all of my search stats would drop so much all of a sudden? Anyone else experience this? Any suggestions?


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I haven't noticed anything different..
I am in same boat. I have no advice. Just sitting here waiting it out...since nothing else seems to work.

I can say that this isn't a brand new problem. It happens when Etsy is working on something.

Of course someone will be along say its my fault this I am sure.
I am having the same issue! I can't figure out where the views are dropping from. Same search results when doing search in handmade items, haven't seen any changes with google.. Not sure, Its a mystery!!
I know there are always ebbs and flows so I am hoping this will just blow over.
i have lower views since a couple of days, however my sales are way up, so not sure if it is counting right
Me too, more so than usual. View wise. Sales in this shop are okay in my other shop they are so dead I'm thinking zombies are going to arise.
I think something is causing the views to be low, but not sure what it is yet. Nothing has changed as far as how much i've been promoting, in treasuries, renewing. So it leads me to believe it's something etsy has done with search results.
I am in the same boat and no idea why. I am wondering if it might be that my items are more "seasonal" due to my medium. I sure hope not!!!
justbunch - Only 97 of your items are in Google shopping. You should go down to the bug section in the forums and ask for a Google push. Not sure if this has anything to do with your lower views from Google. When my Google views start dropping it usually means I need my items pushed back into Google shopping.

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