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Selling art at cost

Hi, all. I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right place...the forums/community page is not clear. Anyway, I am back making jewelry after a long hiatus. I never liked the process of selling my work to stores and/or consignment and having to lowball myself. I refuse to do that now, but I haven't sold a single thing here on Etsy. Since I have a need to create, I need to sell something somewhere. My question is are there places where artists go to sell their works where they don't have to mark their work up %100? I am looking for out-of-the-box suggestions here. Thanks.

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You can sell your work here for any price you want to set. There are no requirements for any particular markup. You can even sell it at a loss if that's what you want to do.
You can price things however you'd like here. Or maybe I am not understanding.
There are some things you could do to your shop to help push sales. From a quick peek, it looks like your titles/tags have not taken into account the change to recency, and the need to optimize for SEO. Also, you "spell couture" wrong throughout, and if you're counting on that for a search term, it needs correcting.

Jewelry is a tough sell here because of the competition. Have you tried doing shows/fairs? Or check out that new site opening this month for handmade work....
After taking a peek at your shop I would suggest that raising your prices might help bring you in sales.
Your jewelry is really unique, and I don't see anything wrong with your prices (maybe too low, as Tanith says). To get some buyers on Etsy, work on your item titles and tags so you get better search placement. What something is (e.g. earrings) should be toward the beginning of the title. And you can use multiple word tags: "green earrings" instead of "green" and "earrings" as two separate tags. If someone types "green earrings" into the search box, the item with the multiple word tag will come up first in the search.
May I also add - pop in some policies so people are reassured about things like what payments you accept, returns and refunds and so on.
Denise, I think these earrings are awesome and if I were a tad younger than 69, I'd buy them!

I believe part of the problem you are having on Etsy is the fact that you are in a field with a lot of competition (I'm sure you realize this) and thus, you need to have more items listed in order for people to find you amongst all the fish in the ocean.

Your prices appear fair in my opinion. I did not check your titles and tags for relevancy.

You can always opt to do physical shows such as craft shows and even some flea markets. You always have the initial overhead of space rent and possibly travel and hotels if they are out-of-town. I'm pretty much past my prime for doing shows, but you may want to look into doing some.

There are other craft sites online that set up all the time. I don't know any as I don't craft, but if you watch the forums, you'll pick some up.

Good luck in whatever you choose to do.
With respect, you have no shop policies set up, so no one knows how you operate as a business etc. Very few people will buy anything from a shop they know nothing about.
You're also not utilizing all of your tags in your listings.

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