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Direct Checkout, why should I wait so long for my money?

Are you kidding? Am I the only one that thinks it's crazy that they only send it out on a Monday, only AFTER I ship? I have to click on the ship thingy which I can't often cause I don't work like that? Why? And why should I have anyone hold my money? I don't ship until AFTER I have my money in hand. Just move the money to my bank as it comes in, that's honest without a (or much of a) float!



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Because customers who don't use Paypal wouldn't shop in your shop? My customers are the reason I'm in business to begin with. So if they want to pay with credit cards, I am more than happy to take their money, even if I have to wait a few days till it's in my pocket.
after the initial waiting period you can schedule moving your available funds when you want. and you do have to ship before the money is credited to you. all of these things are in the terms of agreement. you can discontinue it if you do not like it.

also there is a direct checkout team if you would like to express your opinion.

i do understand that you are disappointed, and there have been many threads about direct checkout. each seller has to decide if direct checkout works for them.
That's beside the point. Etsy just wants a float.

Etsy, be fair.

And it's not days... in most cases it will be weeks. Some of us can only ship once or twice a week. So add up all those times and the Monday thingy, and the backing time and so on etc...

You don't have to do any of that. Just don't sign up for Direct Checkout.
But why would Etsy even make suck a backhanded, hamhanded thing?

Direct checkout is not for everyone.
There are plenty of other retail sites (the ones that process payments for you) where there are similar rules on shipping and they only make payments on certian dates.
If you think those rules are strict try getting a traditional merchant account for an online business. They will often classify online businesses as "high risk" and many times require rolling reserves. so imagine having 5% of your gross sales withheld for 18 months or more or even complete holds where they can hold all gross sales for weeks at a time.
But I was looking forward to it, AND you have to realize, this is what ebay did, made Paypal and not it's the only thing allowed... is that where Etsy is headed with this? That's the big question. If the customers then expect it we who do not want to be treated like that are fubar.

If you use pro pay for an option to pay pal it is the same thing. Not a biggy at all. Grow up. Quit whining. You are serving your customers by offering another option. If you are running a business you need to have operating capital to survive 3 days. Ugg. After you are set up with your bank you can get deposits any time. Just schedule an earlier deposit. Usually it only takes 2 or 3 days to get to your bank but it depends on your bank. If you check with sellers using dc, most love it. If it doesn't work for you can easily disable it.
I would hate to have deposits as soon as payments are made. I can't keep my account straight getting daily deposits. Better for me, once a week.

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