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Learning how to Etsy is like learning how to play online role-playing games.

Do the folks working at Etsy even understand the ins and outs of their own listing/relevancy/results system?!

I only ask because, having come back to Etsy after a hiatus, I'm finding it more confusing than ever to understand the gears and cogs. I remember once reading a manual for Everquest (I realize the reference may fall short due to demographics) and not being as confused as I am right now.

Have the days come and gone when I could simply list a new item daily, tag it intelligently, relist when it's expired due to no-sale and expect to get traffic in my shop?

I'm reading a lot about renewing the same item (?!) or relisting to bump views or changing underwear, spinning around three times and saying two Hail Mary's because it's the only way to make relevancy work for me?

I'm dismayed there is no ACTUAL documentation on these processes by the folks at Etsy. It shouldn't be left up to trial and error, should it? Is it too much to ask for a breakdown of the search/relevancy process?

Any help would be appreciated. And if there's already documentation out there and I simply can't find it, could ya point me in the right direction?

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You forgot to add standing on your head while juggling flaming bowling pins.
@Anna. I didn't add that because I already tried. Outside of entertaining the neighbors, I can't say it did much for my stats.
LOL, wish I lived nearby, I'm sure it was quite a show.
@Elizabeth. Thank you. I'll give em a read. Sadly, the percentage of traffic from Google is minimal so I'm more interested in the HOW pertaining to Etsy's own search/relevancy system.

I think I have a better chance at improving my in-Etsy traffic before I worry about competing with the 3 billion Google results.
@Anna. Singed eyebrows speak for themselves.
Elizabeth ~ thanks for this seo guide! I should be an expert by now with all the reading I've done, but I think I still have a long way to go! Thanks for the guidance! And good luck to us all!!

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