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Still cant get found.

Hi everyone . I'm still having trouble being found. I took all the brilliant advice that was given . Changed tags to 2 and 3 word tags for relevancy. Changed titles and descriptions. Promoted on face book. Joined some fantastic teams. Circled and hearted faves I liked. Made treasuries .participated on the forums. Attended labs, bought show case and ads. Still having really low views though. Please help.

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Hi Coral,
You might join more thing though, you have been on Etsy for about 7 weeks and had several sales, which isn't that bad for getting started. It just takes a while to get things going on Etsy. I think sales have been pretty slow lately for most of us. I've read on the forums that april is the worst month.
I would recommend re-listing 5-10 items each day to get noticed! It is a financial commitment, but I find that it does work and pays off in the end!
I think you are headed in the right direction. It just takes time to get noticed. I suggest changing your shop announcement. It looks like you have listed a bunch of tags as your intro instead of introducing your shop.

Three sales in such a short time is awesome!

Best wishes!
You should also take pictures of your toppers on actual cakes, maybe even set up a table with party settings and a cake in the middle. Also, try advertising on blogs that promote children, there must be a ton of them! best wishes!
Or instead of relisting, add new items daily or as often as you can. Don't overdo the relisting b/c then you are just taking away from your profit.
Thank you so much for the advice. Was told a lot of people are funny about people adding circles as they find it intrusive. I love looking at peoples beautiful work though.
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Inactive Etsy Member 7:17am May 12, 2012 EDT
I have been here less than 2 weeks so I'm having the same problems. However, you have at least got a few sales, so that's something! Be happy about those, and I'm sure given another 7 weeks your sales will increase even more.

Best of luck!
I have to agree with the photography, about putting the cake toppers on actual cakes because I thought they were toys as at first because your shop name, shop banner & photos say nothing about cakes.

They are pretty cute, though!
They are cake toppers? I had no idea...other than it being mentioned in the item titles which is partially cut off in some of the listings I couldn't tell either and that may be one of your biggest roadblocks. I love the idea of showing them on cakes. That's perfect. Add that information to your announcement and tag line as well. It took me longer than 7 weeks to get 3 sales so you'll be OK. :)

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