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Still cant get found.

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Coral from AnimalCrackers73 says
The other thing is my dragons have a story which is the first paragraph of my listings. Is that pointless to put it first?
Google looks at that piece of realestate to determine product information. So ask yourself the question. Are you selling a story or a dragon?

Please note the following Google search that picked up this dragon:
This will point out two things. The display that google will show when your dragon is found and it tells nothing readable about the dragon. It show the story. Do you think people looking for a blue dragon with google are interested about reading the story or about the product?
Also and this is important.
Look at the search I used, that is why it is on page 1 2nd position of the google search and the search has 21,000 listing.
I made sure it was on page 1 top half by using as search terms from the Title and the first couple of sentances in the description. When those match the search request that is where the listing ends up. On page on top half.
Your listing did not put it there, my search did.
Please note.
It is the search that is far more important than the listing . And if you want your product to show up at the top of other peoples searches see to it terms or words you use in the titles and the first couple of sentances of the description actually describe the product and are general enough to have a high probability of being used by some one looking for the product
Said simply if the terms are ones only you and your dog would use? they are a waste of space.
I have the colour of my dragons in the title. Is that a waste of words ,or should it just say dragon? Thank you.
I have the colour of my dragons in the title. Is that a waste of words ,or should it just say dragon? Thank you.
This actually is a good question. So here is my answer.
Lets say I am looking for some kind of a cake decoration.
Like some one said in other posting, "I would not use cake topper as a search term"
That is also a good statement.
Because what I don't know about cake decoration would fill volumes. I know nothing about the technology and nothing about Polymer Clay.

Now think about this, You are trying to sell a cake decoration to people who think it is pretty. That is, eye candy. What do you really expect them to know about what the material is or even about what some of the technology is. But Color? That they know.
The color is both generic and a probably a search term.
Polymer Clay? I never even heard of it.
The probable term that people might use as as search term and an important term, color works and belongs.
Polymer Clay? Put it in the tags and describe it in the description. That way if some one uses it as a search term it will be found. And if some one who has never heard of it? Will read about it in the description and learn something. Keep in mind the total number of words used in a searchable listing can work against you. If they are not matched by a search request then they are a detriment.
And if it is probably that most people looking for a cake topper or a cake decoration really don't care if it is Polymer Clay and will never use it looking for something, why waste premium real estate like the title with terms or words that will never be used for anything.
But it is important to use synonyms in tags. Because that opens up the exposure to a wider group of people.
Once, of course, you realize there are synonyms, but that is what a Thesaurus is used for.
Blue dragon cake topper decoration polymer clay fimo ornament sculpture = Blue dragon Cake topper = Blue Dragon Cake Decoration = OR?????
How many of the original title words would be commonly used by some one looking for this item with out having any useful clue as what they actually mean?
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Inactive Etsy Member 6:28pm May 12, 2012 EDT
I have this problem too :( x x x
Thank you. That is true but a lot of the key words that people have searched for contain the words polymer clay, clay and cake toppers. Aaargh !
Coral from AnimalCrackers73 says
Thank you. That is true but a lot of the key words that people have searched for contain the words polymer clay, clay and cake toppers. Aaargh !
Than at this point in time if you accept that for some people the knowledge of those words is lacking completly and otheres are aware of them then there becomes a line to walk. And where the line is becomes a function of analyzing your shop statistics as to how much use is seen of them.
A listing is not cast in concrete, it is a live thingy subject to change as time passes.
It might be to your benefit as some of your products are similar other than color to list them in different manners to present them to wider segment of the buying public.
The benefits of a particular listing can be balanced off with another listing that presents a different view point. "Specially so when listing themselves are similar except for minor variations.
Try to remember, a product shopper is looking for a manageable sized list of products to be developed that represent a verbal picutre of what is being looked for.
And a product listing will serve as an entrance to your store which provides two more tools that can be applied uniquely.
1. Shop sections, a place I go to after I look at a listing to see if YOUR shop has more of what I am interested in
2. In shop searching. Which effectively does the exact same thing only differently.

In many cases a listing suggestion is just that a suggestion of somthing to try. With a wide variety of shoppers at your disposal there are a wide variety of preferences to be delt with. And depending on the product, a wide variety of variations can be seen as to how a shopper might work.

Coral from AnimalCrackers73 says
Thank you. That is true but a lot of the key words that people have searched for contain the words polymer clay, clay and cake toppers. Aaargh !
Thinking just a second on this, there are two catagories involved with the solution here.
One is what belongs in the title.
I will stand on my opinion that words such as Polymer clay do not belong in a title. For reasons preveiously stated.
To repeat. by in large, some one looking for something pretty to functionaly use. Be it a piece of jewelry, type of clothing or what ever you can think of, material statements do not belong in a title.
There are exceptions to that and by in large the exceptions will be related to commonly known types of materials that the casual user of a given object may be aware of and in and of them selves the probability of the casual user might know those terms and used them.
Things like Silver or Gold earrings.
Cotton or wool clothing
come to mind.
Both of those materials are commonly known and have a high probability of being used and/or preferred by some one.
But Polymer Clay? I do not believe that material has a common knowledge. If I am wrong,then I am wrong, but that is my belief.
And the second reason from a listing stand point is the function of tags.
The function of tags is to repeat the intent of a description.
Why? That is what is searched by a search engine.
If you think of the function.
A person writes a description.
Tags are then selected which represent the description
and a listing is developed.
Another person writes a search request
Puts it into a search engine
which looks at the tags to match the search request to the information available
And then developes and organises a list
and presents it to the person who wrote the desription as a result of the search that was written.
That person looks at the list to see if it represents what was asked for. If it doesn't then the search request is re-written and re-presented to the search engine.
It is TAGS that are looked at, along with the title
Arguably what does NOT belong in the tags is to have them all be compound words and phrases.
What does belong in the TAGS is words that represent what the description is trying to say and IF polymer clay is an important functional part of the description that is where they belong. In the Tags, NOT the title.
The title is a high value piece of realestate.
The highest value is accuratly describing what is for sale with a MINIMUM of words being used.
The least use of that realestate is to use words that are obscure, un-important, vague and of a very low probability of ever being used to search for things with.
Low probability words that are important to the description belong in the tags.
High probability words taht are important to the description belong in the title.
The highest probability of a functional quality of the title is brevity. Keep it short and accurate.
The search engine, the tool used to find thing swith can not interpret emotion, just match words. Both in content and number.
And in Titles, the biggest loss of is that of the number of unmatched words left over when a search engine looks at things.
In Tags? The biggest loss is the number of compound tags left over that are not matched in total.
For maximum value in terms of being found an placed high on a resulting list developed by a search engine to match a search request can be the use of single words as tags.
It is indeed a balancing act of word usage.
The short answer simply is,
if a tag is something only you and your dog would use? It is wasted space.

Thank you very much I have shortened the titles and removed polymer clay from there.

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