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Whats with the blurry ads at bottom of the search pages?

I just noticed that when you do a search there is:
a blue box of 4 "sponsored listings" at the top
search results
a blue box of 4 "sponsored listings" at the bottom

Then under that there are 40 boxes (10 lines of 4) oblurry pics that resemble the sponsored listings before you get to the next pages links.
It only happens when you have a search term in the box, not if your just browsing a category.
Is this new?, cause it looks terrible. Like a second grader did the coding on it.
And its annoying to have to scroll past those 40 to get to the next page link.


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What did you search? Cause I have the sponsored 4 above my search but not 40 blurry listings.
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Inactive Etsy Member 6:49am May 12, 2012 EDT
I saw that too. I actually thought it was my computer acting up :) Kind of weird looking. If I want blurry I'll take my contacts out.
I don't have it but there were several folks complaining about it yesterday.... arrrgggh! Here's to hoping it doesn't come my way until its tweaked:)
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Inactive Etsy Member 7:10am May 12, 2012 EDT
Humm.... I'm looking too but I don't see it....
It appears that Etsy enlarged these photos and, in so doing, have stretched them way out of proportion. In a search I did, I found one of my own listings from my other shop in those sponsored listings. Knowing for a fact that my photo for that listing is not blurred, I opened the listing to be sure the listing photo had not been 'messed' with, and it appeared to be fine. I think, however, Etsy enlarged these sponsored listing photos and simply did not resize them appropriately. I'm very distressed by the appearance. Although I do not profess to be a professional photographer (or photo editor, either), it is embarrassing to me to have my photos look like that.
They don't appear to be part of the sponsored ads, those have a blue border. I have no sponsored ads and some of my things are there all blurry anyway.
I have the same problem. It started a few days ago for me. The pics look awful! It annoys me because I am seeing some of my own listings in the blurry pic area, and I know that is not how they look.

It is also annoying because you have to go through the weirdness to get to the numbers of the pages of your search.
I have this posted in bugs if you want to join in there:). This needs to get fixed!
Is everyone seeing it on a iPad, or using safari on a Mac?

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