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I go back and forth to Pinterest, but I confess that I don't get it either. My coworker keeps telling me I'll be addicted, but so far, not so much.
I have been pinning my things to a "board" I call My Etsy. I have another board that I named Treasures on Etsy. It is there that I pin things from other Etsy shops that I want to help promote.
If you pin directly from their etsy listing page it will link back to them.
Does that help explain?
As well as pinning to my board it does show up to the general shopping pages.
I also have one board for my items and one board for my etsy peeps!

I pin a few of my own items and more of other items.

I held out for a long time before joining Pinterest. I finally jumped on the bandwagon, seems like a year after first hearing about it. Anyways I think it was this article I used as a rundown

I started my Pinterest before opening my etsy site, and happily I was able to change my user name and email to now link it up with my shop. It is meant to be social, I use it for a variety of things. But you know what, what I make is a part of me and if I'm proud of something I've made it seems perfectly right to me to share it on my boards the same way I'd share something else I quite like. I think you warp the rules if your aim becomes solely self promotion.

You can see what has been pinned from a site by looking at the source ie (I'm going to have to go double check that actually I'm just scared of losing my post if I navigate away)

Ok I had the start right, so stick it in your address bar

Here is my pinterest if you are interested

If you would like an invite to try it out and see what you think just let me know. Most of the people I follow are folks how have blogs I've read for years. If I like their stuff it stands to reason that I'd also find inspiration in other things they like. Hopefully, that is a vice versa type of thing
In the terms of agreement it says for non-commercial, so I'm not sure but pinning your own items seems commercial to me. What do you think?
The webinar I took said Pinterest IS for pinning your own items. She also said to invite your business from your personal account and keep them separate. You can cross pin some items.
I just signed up for the webinar. Maybe I will try using pinterest......couldn't hurt....
I have a pinterest account but haven't yet had the time to really figure out how to use it. I have not pinned any of my own items but my shop stats show a lot of traffic from pinterest. Is there any way to search pinterest to see which items if yours have been pinned?
I see that there are some Pinterest teams here on Etsy. I think I'll join one or two when I open my shop. There is a lot to learn.

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