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Bulk Editing Tool for Etsy

I thought I had a link to a tool that enabled bulk editing for Etsy, but can't find it ... Ie: I'd like to bulk edit a shop link that appears in my listings ... bulk update the link - does anyone have a link to such a tool?

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I believe this is what you may be referring to
Betsi is the best tool I found. Yes it costs money, but it will save you a ton of time, and you can edit just about anything in your shop with it. Well worth the cost.

You can try it out for free then decide if it's worth it too you.

While craftopolis is free it's very limited. You can add to listings or change listings, but it won't remove anything that you've added.
Can you say on here how much it cost?
If you go to the team page listed above then go to their website it will tell you. I personally signed up for the 1 year plan and it came out to around $6/month. Well worth it in my opinion. In addition the people that wrote the software are very responsive to any problems that you may have. The whole team there is really great. I think that they are based in New Zealand or Australia so sometimes there is a little time delay before you get an answer but you will hear from them in a reasonable amount of time.
I love BETSI! ..I cannot tell you how much time it has saved me. With over 700 listings you can imagine how long it would take to make one little change. Now I can make HUGE changes in a matter of minutes. It's worth every penny.
Thank you all for your responses!
This is a needful function, and not a function that one should have to purchase off Etsy. Especially should one not have to provide one's password to a third party for what should be an Etsy function.
I'd love for Etsy to provide these same tools but they don't and don't seem to have any intention of doing so. Meanwhile BETSI exists and does everything I need and more. I weigh my options a small fee and make my job tons easier or pay no fee, work my tail off and be mad because I hate the amount of work it takes to make one small change to 800 items. For me, the choice is easy.

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