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Hidden negative feedback!?


Quick question...

O.k., I may be slow but I just noticed that if I were to leave negative feedback for a buyer as a seller that nobody will be able to see what the actual feedback says on the buyers account??? I'm really confused, if I see that someone has negative feedback there's no way for me to view it and see what it was about so I can make a decision on whether or not to do business with them?

Can someone please explain, thank you.

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It makes no sense, but you have it correct.
Yup.....its invisible....
Wow, go figure.
That's correct...the feedback system needs overhauled...
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Inactive Etsy Member 8:48 pm May 13, 2012 EDT
You can always go to tools for etsy to view consolidated feedback... just sayin'
I don't advise leaving negative feedback no matter how bad of a time you had with the buyer. You can't take back negative feedback once it's out there even if it does remain between the two of you.
This is a rather frustrating gap in the system that I would LOVE to have fixed someday (soon). It would help as sellers if we could see the feedback. I have not personally experienced this, but other sellers have dealt with customers who chronically are problematic or difficult to please for whatever reason.
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Inactive Etsy Member 8:54 pm May 13, 2012 EDT edited
i dont know anywhere else where a retailer can see a consumers buying history and "feedback", unless of course they are extending the consumer credit and running a credit check. and that doesnt really show a buying history and feedback
Marilyn - you can take it back if the buyer agrees to a kiss and make up. And I would disagree... some times a neg is called for and a seller shouldn't be afraid to leave it. Additionally - sometimes leaving a neg is the only way for a seller to respond to bad feedback received, since Etsy doesn't have any way for explanations to be shown.

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