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online postage on poly bag

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Ann ..these labels are perfect for printing postage thru paypal on ..the standard white matte.

I print all postage from home, I haven't used tape in years.
OP; in paypal; next to each transaction; there's a link that says "print postage label". When you click it, you'll be able to print the postage and the address all in one. That way it's cheaper; and you don't have to pay at the post office.
..or even go to the post office at all, if you give the parcels to your mailperson or schedule a pickup
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Inactive Etsy Member 11:45pm May 13, 2012 EDT
It's not that I don't know about PP postage. I am new here but sold on Ebay for many years and that is why I know about easy postage on boxes. I have a big section in my house with those Priority boxes. That is all that I used, but here on Etsy I get requests for cheaper shipping and that opened my eyes to try envelopes. My question was about the online postage on Poly Bags. But getting back to self adhesive labels. I thought that PP postage was printed on the plain paper because the postage prints it's own form. How does it print on labels? where to get the labels? are they the size of our plain paper and that's why PP postage can print on them?
You can get the labels on ebay :) They're 2 to a sheet and go through a regular printer. There's no difference in printing postage for poly bags versus boxes; they're both considered parcels and go the same class.
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Inactive Etsy Member 3:54am May 14, 2012 EDT
Thanks, everybody, I had no idea that the postage could be printed on anything but the printing paper we all use........I will look into it . Thanks a lot, Brandi.
I weighed a bag that had the label taped on it and my business card inside.
That is my base weight for anything sent in that size envelope.
Now, all I have to do is weigh the items going into the envelope, add it altogether, and print off the PayPal label. That way I can just tape it on before the envelope is packed AND I don't have to pack it twice.
It has been very correct.

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