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Rate your DC happiness - Is it workin' for ya?

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Inactive Etsy Member 7:05pm May 12, 2012 EDT
I've gone through some threads, and am wondering if it's working out for you? I'm going to have to bite the big one and sign up, 'cuz just a little unscientifically, since I got the ability to sign up for DC, my sales have gone south. Haven't signed up yet -- and feel I must, now --

Just a little nervous -- how's it workin' for ya? What are you complaints? Things that are annoying? Things that are great?

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Honestly, my sales are fine without it, and I have no plans to offer DC. But lots of sellers like it.

I prefer Image or Marvel.
What's not to like?
I don't have any complaints, but I haven't had any problems arise yet. It's been smooth sailing for me so far. I've been using it for a few weeks.
I've had it for a couple of weeks, more than half of my orders have come through it, no glitches so far, I like it!!
Happy as a clam at high tide.
I discovered one issue yesterday. It was an irritation more than a problem. It is not worth bringing up again. I think it did increase my sales. A lot of my recent sales are to brand new Etsians
The three day wait after you ship before your money is available and then the couple of days before it reaches your bank is the only drawback I can see.

I cannot give it an A+ until there's a way to integrate shipping addresses into Paypal shipping or some other program. But other than that, no other complaints :)

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