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Rate your DC happiness - Is it workin' for ya?

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I like it for the convenience it provides for my customer's. It may just get me a sale when a customer does not use PayPal, so they can buy from me anyway.

I don't like waiting for my money though. That is not cool at all. But I'll bear with it just so my customer has a choice on how to pay.
I Just opened this shop so don't have it available, but in my other Shop, ever since I Began Using DC Every order has paid that way. Probably because it's the main/first option. In the one year plus I Never had anyone Not able to just pay with Paypal.
I Like it because it gives me another option. It's a pain in the butt having to manually enter shipping every Single Time Into Paypal.
But other then that I Don't Mind having it :D
TheWhitePelican from TheWhitePelican says

I just got the offer to use it.

QUESTION; Does it 'take over' your shopping cart?
I mean, does it over ride Pay Pal, and pay pal goes into the background.?
Does it now become your payment preference DEFAULT?


The options for payment are right next to each other. The first option is direct checkout, the very next option is PayPal. You simply check the box next to the type of payment you want... There is no 'take over'. It's just a simple choice.
Hallie Oneeyecat from OneEyeCatStudio says

Yes, Pelican it does "take over" and become the default.

unless we have different definitions of 'take over' and 'default', this is just not true.
I may have said this already in this thread (It's hard to keep track); but only about 30% of my buyers are using DC. So strange how it varies from shop to shop, but it can't be that nobody understands how to switch to paypal, because they're switching in droves in my shop!
I don't understand why people keep saying it's so hard for buyers to choose which payment method they want. The options are right next to each other and clearly visible. I took this screenshot from my shopping cart:

It's very easy to choose which payment option you want. Sure, DC is the first option presented, but it only takes ONE click to choose Paypal instead.
I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around why custromers would buy more from a shop, as many are claiming, because of DC. It's just a way of paying for something they've already decided to buy.

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