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DC Vs Paypal

Just my results since I got DC. It would be interested to see other sellers results, or maybe from Etsy as a whole.

Sales are split 50/50 between Paypal and DC.

DC Average sale price - $13.91
Paypal average sale price - $18

DC items per order - 1.27
Paypal items per order - 1.5

115 Responses

None of my customers are using paypal....none.

Kind of a pain because I like to print my shipping labels via paypal and I don't know how to import the data, so I have been doing the copy & time consuming and not what I want to be spending my time doing. I am considering turning DC off for this reason alone.
You can download the csv file and import it into a shipping program. I just copy and paste. It only takes a few extra minutes. Those minutes are paid by the higher sale price.
This month so far DC orders= 10 PayPal= 2
Average DC order $64
Average PayPal $50

Not sure if this is because DC is the default at checkout and no one notices PayPal or not....I do miss having most of my $$ in PayPal so I have instant access to funds.

@ Kathy

You can use They import all your info directly from etsy.. I don't use it, but would consider it if I were to switch to DC. Do you think your sales are up because of DC. I am not sure I would switch unless it actually was worth it. I am in the same boat as you. I don't have time to use something that isn't efficient time wise! TIME IS MONEY!!!!
@Leslie.....omg...I love your avi!!!

I've considered, but I have a hard time paying a site when I can print my labels on paypal at no charge. I think stamps probably offers more than just that, but I'm not sure I would use much more of it.

I'm not excel savvy AT ALL....when I tried to import the csv, it took me to a spreadsheet and I thought.....oh hell no and closed it up right away - lol ;)
No, I wouldn't consider my sales up because of stats are where they always have been.

I just think the 100% use of DC by my buyers is because it defaults to DC and people probably just think....why not?
How funny how much it varies! My DC sales are only about 30% of my total; and the average dollar amount is higher for me on DC compared to paypal.
$$$ is why I never wanted to use either. I heard it's really easy with etsy because it imports all your sales data automatically.. (just like paypal)

I also like having everything from one source! All my records are in one place and nothing gets confused or messed up.
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Inactive Etsy Member 4:42am May 13, 2012 EDT
I don't like how the funds don't get deposited until you ship the item out. All of my products are made to order, so often times I do not purchase order-specific supplies until they complete their custom listing transaction. Then after that there is a brief proofing process. For me to have access to the funds I have to indicate that the item has shipped, and that would get frustrating fast if I were the customer.

That's really my only complaint.

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