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Ideas please!!!!

I would like anyone and everyone's input on how to become one of the "chosen" few who get to be in the wedding showcase? Any ideas on how I could change my tags or do something so that my Etsy fees actually do the same thing for me as the chosen few's Etsy fees do for them? Are my pics bad??? Are my items not up to par??? Are my tags not right??? Because really at this point I am completely lost on how to compete here because clearly I am missing something! My views and sales have gone down by about 50% and I would appreciate anyone's insight on how to get them back up and be able to be a part of the Etsy's chosen few club!!

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My Goodness, you have had a sale nearly every Day in May! oftentimes more!
I can't see where you suspect no one is finding you?
Fantastic Sales!
We should all do so well.
Great Job! Congratulations
I have no idea. I had a necklace on the first page of the search for "wedding necklace" and it never showed up in the new wedding section. If there is a way to do it it's a mystery to me.
Hi Ann, thank you so much! and believe me I do appreciate my sales. However I have had a drastic drop in sales in the last couple weeks plus I really would like to be in the wedding showcase as a very few other sellers have been chosen to be.
Hi Tory, You seem to be pretty knowledgable about tagging. do mine look Ok to you??
I know I am of no help cuz I really dont know how the wedding thingy works. But, 94 sales since May 1. How many do you usually get? Seems like you are doing quite well, to me. :)
It's the luck of the draw! Lots of sellers I expected to see there I don't. My listings are very relevant in searches, but I'm not in the guide. I see several badly taken photos that ARE there.

I think they need to tweak the algorithm some more.
I would suggest more 2 word tags. Echo the phrases in your title in the tags.
I just saw your other post - you are not the only seller experiencing a drastic drop in sales the last 3 weeks.

It's affected A LOT of sellers.

One thing to note, is it seems that whenever Etsy is making major changes, sales slow down. I don't know why, but I see it every time. They changed a lot of things over the last few weeks.

So I don't worry. =) Besides, it the nature of being in business for one's self - the ebb and flow of income.
Hi everyone, I know, yes I have sales and I greatly appreciate it. But I really do have to address a huge drop in sales plus I am single and this is how I earn a living.

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