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Ideas please!!!!

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Tory, If the words are listed as separate tags say "wedding" and "forks" it will not come up in a search for "wedding forks"? I get confused over this whole thing?
It will still come up but it will be more relevant (closer to the front) if the words are together in the title and in one tag. In other words, the more exactly your title and tags match the search the more relevant you are, although there are other, somewhat mysterious, factors as well.
I am not even wedding and it seems my view have dropped also, I feel you when I looked at your pictures some of the writing I could see clearly and a few I could not it was sort of blurry. On one of the tags for example you have pick five garden markers from what I understand key words are first so it should go something like Garden Marker pick five and be more descriptive the better. I am new so that is all I know so far.

I have heard of alot of wedding people getting the last piece of cake tho. I hope it turns around for you,
Thanks Tory, looks like I have some work to do tomorrow!
I would also suggest changing your shop title and announcement. You are repeating your business name and filling it with lots of words before you get to the nitty gritty of what you actually DO.

For instance, you've got:

Baby Puppy Designs Hand Stamped Personalized Silverware

If you want to tighten and improve your SEO, you'd be better off with:

Vintage Silverware Hand Stamped and Personalized

or some variation on that

Personalized and Hand Stamped Vintage Silverware

Hand Stamped Silverware for Weddings and Special Occasions (that might be too long, you'd have to check)

Anyway, that should give you some idea on how to proceed.

I recommend joining CindLouWho's SEO team, and there is another good one but the name escapes me.

Your titles could use some help:

You Are My Sunshine Spoons Set of Four

Hand Stamped Vintage Spoons, You Are My Sunshine, Set of Four


Vintage Spoons, Hand Stamped "You Are My Sunshine", Set of Four

With the sales volume others have mentioned, you must be doing something right, but you definitely have room for improvement. You just need to do the legwork and find out more about SEO and apply it to your shop.

Most of your photos are fine. A few are under exposed or a bit "off", like this one:

Hope that helps.

thanks for the great input Charley!
Ivy those are some great things for me to work on tomorrow also! At least I have something to work on!!
Holly from BabyPuppyDesigns says

I guess I'm just kind of bummed that so few sellers get to be featured in the Showcase and it really stinks when you're not.

You're not the only one, sister! LOL

That's why there are threads with THOUSANDS of posts about this.

But it's not changing any time soon, so one must move forward and play the hand we've all been dealt.

You really need to take a look at your stats and see if the change in category is really affecting you. Do most of your views come from shoppers browsing the categories, or is it through search? If it's through search, you don't have the new blog/pinterest mash-up to blame because that doesn't affect search.

If most of your views were from category browsing, then you need to change your game plan. Sharpen your SEO, court the wedding blogs, maybe look into advertising on the knot (there's a discount for Etsy sellers), and the like. Don't get hung up on the fact that you are not in the new showcase.

And honestly you should be doing the stuff in that last paragraph anyway. Good luck, I've gotta run cuz the kiddos woke from their nap.
Haha thanks Ivy! you take care of your chicks and I will take a look at my search stats!
There are many relevant wedding items (mine included) that will not show up in the wedding category. I even emailed Etsy to figure out why barbie dresses and halloween costumes are more relevant than my wedding dresses and they totally avoided answering my question. Instead I got a "we are working on making it better" response. Maybe it's kinks? Maybe they don't really care and it will never be resolved?? Making the complaint is good, then just try to forget about it and move on. I have hope it will be better someday. :)

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