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Seller broke item before sending, now how do I get my $ back?

Made a purchase that included two ceramic frogs on 5/2. Seller contacted me a few days later and said he broke one but that he'd send photos to show me the damage, include another item and I could decide if I still wanted to purchase.

It took days to get the photo which showed he had broken the edges of the feet of not one but both frog figurines. He was planning to send me a bird to make up for it. After finally getting the photos (had to ask and ask) I emailed and convo'd sayingt I wanted him to cancel the sale and issue a refund. He has not sent anything and I dont want the broken items.

He said he understood but still no refund after 2 more days. I filed with Etsy so there is a record (and told him I'd be doing so) then I filed with Paypal. Still he hasnt refunded my money (just under $20). He isnt responding to convos or email.

Any idea how long this takes with paypal? Ideas for what to do next?


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Just wait for paypal, they will give him a few days.
What a bummer.
Irresponsible seller. Sorry you have to deal with that!
I am sorry to hear that. Maybe he's away or just busy with other work. I have no idea how long it takes. I would wait a few days and see if he will answer any of the convos that you sent. Maybe he doesn't have enough money for a refund right now and feels terrible.
You should give him a little time. Two days is not a very long time and you really have up to 45 days to get your money back from paypal. The seller might take the weekend off and respond on Monday or might be waiting for money to go into his account to pay you back. If you convo too much they might feel a bit harassed. ( just thinking out loud ) :)
That rots--if he responded after you told him you'd like to cancel the sale but didn't refund you yet, I'd probably go to Paypal and dispute the payment. At that point all he has to do is refund and the dispute will go away.

If he didn't respond after you told him you'd like to cancel the sale, then I'd probably give him until Monday to make sure he got the message--it's the weekend and all (not everyone works weekend).
Yeah, I agree with CrochetKnit30.
At this point, since you opened an Etsy dispute and filed with PayPal, you really should not have any more direct contact with him. Let PP resolve it.

While you can give it a few more days if you are so inclined, it should take zero time with paypal to refund - just as it takes zero time for the payment to be made. At least, I assume it shows immediately as it shows immediately on my end when I issue refunds.

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