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Admin: What, exactly, is Someone Else's Listings in Shop Stats?

Admin: Please help us. People are speculating as to where these views come from when they're from "Someone Else's Listings."

Can you please give us a definitive answer (or answers)?

Thank you, in advance!

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I want to know this as well.
Me too. I was wondering about this yesterday.
I know they've gone beddy-bye for tonight, but I didn't want this to get too buried!

I get a fair number of views from 'someone elses listings' but then there are a number of other Etsians with whom I do cross promotion.

For example, they've purchased my yarns and have agreed to let me use a photo of the item that they've made with it in my current listing, along with a link to their shop. They do the same for me in their listing.
huh. I have that too.
thanks to someone!
I read that, CrochetGal, but then I read other people's posts that they only have one shop and don't do any cross-promotion, so it's got to be something else.

That's why I'm asking for a definitive answer (hoping there IS one!).

I wonder if it has anything to do with the items related to this shop at the bottom of the listings
I would tend to think it might be if the buyer goes into someone else's shop first and then clicks on one of that seller's favorites. The view, technically, would initiate from someone else's listing, because the buyer would have first clicked on someone else's listing to view it and then saw yours and went from there. Just a possible idea . . .
I think Wanda has the correct answer. :)

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