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Is there a fast way to add international shipping to all listings at once?

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O.K., thanks shroompers, I'll definitely check that out...thanks so much!
Anything to make it easier...of course the biggest fear is losing money, but I think most customers are trusting enough that if they do in fact overpay for shipping that I will give them a refund through paypal.
At least that's my hope!
You have to weigh & look up, on the USPS site, each one! I sell Internationally in all (4) of my shops & can do this quite fast!
Thanks Helene,
It will be worth it, hopefully I can get as fast as you!
I have a few profiles, 3 or 4 ounce, 7 ounce, 10 ounce, 13 ounce and 1 pound. None of my items are more than a pound unless I'm shipping more than one. I apply the profiles to the items for their weight range. BETSI http:'// has an easy set up for batch adding shipping profiles.
I'll look for the link to our International shipping team.

But, basically, you need to have weighed everything (perhaps put the weight in your description when you list it) and then add (in your mnd, the wight of the box/packaging. I use poly mailers because boxes weigh 6 oz to 2-1/2 pounds.

I set my shipping profiles by weight, since international First Class will go from 16 oz to 48 oz, in 4 oz increments. You might just do it in 8oz increments, to even it out - lose some., gain some.

But by the weights, I can always adjust the profiles when the rates go up.

Once you have your rates set, you can go through and set each item by batch shipping -- if you know how much each must weigh.

But you'll have to reset the shipping for each one. Changing what a profile is will not change on existing items, just newly added ones, or ones changed in batch Shipping.

Here's the Team -- GoTo's blog has up-to-date rates. Read my "quickie" for an overview on how to set the rates/zones:
And, if you follow my quickie, and look at GoTo's current international rates (we use US, Canada, Mexico, and everywhere else) you won't have to look up anything on the USPS site.

They used to have a table of rates onlne , but they did away with it the last rate increase.
Astrid, that's fabulous and thanks so much.
I am trying to revamp my international listings as well, I usually pick Canada, Europe and "Everywhere Else"..but I wonder if I would do better to go in and pick specific countries, it takes forever..hoping that everwhere else covers them..

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