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Items not showing up in Etsy search

I've renewed a couple of cards approximately an hour ago, and they do not appear as a card listing, when searching in the Etsy search links, after the first key word.

For example, a baby girl card shows up in Paper Goods / Cards / Baby Announcement, but not in Congratulations / Stationery / Card / Greeting... etc.

A renewed engagement card is found in Paper Goods / Cards / Congratulations but not in Stamped / Wedding / Stationery / Card / Greeting ... etc.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you!
~Karen :)

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are you searching the categories? I think your item will only show up in the category you put it in. If you put it in paper goods/cards/congratulations, it won't be in the Stamped category.

These are just two recently listed cards (shown above) in which they are only found in the first listed Etsy search category.

I've researched quite a few items from my shop (stationery note cards, thank you cards, journal bound notebooks) and I'm finding the same issues across the board.

Any feedback would certainly help!
Thank you in advance for your time in the matter...
I also have an item not showing up for some reason. I've looked under "cllpboard" (they always show up there), "dance", and "ballet", and "dance clipboard" (which is the actual title).
Any ideas?
I don't think I've ever seen my things show up at all. Of course jewelry is very competitive, but what helps with getting items on the first page of a search? My search ads didn't work. :(
I've never had my items show up at all until the 50th page which I don't think regular customers actually browse up to. Like Tracy, My search ads have NEVER worked - Showcase worked better for me :/
maybe this will help clear things up................


Matt Quirk from mattdaquirk says Highlighted Post
Hi all,

I wanted to be sure, but this is categories acting as intended.

An item's Category, Subcategory, and Sub-subcategory are determined by the drop-down options chosen during the listing process. The subsequent tags are used to surface the item when using the search option, but when browsing Categories/SubCategories/Sub-subcateories, only these first three terms are relevant.

For example, if you choose the Category "Jewelry," Subcategory "Bracelet," and Sub-subcategory "Stone," your item won't appear in Jewelry > Bracelet > Cuff, even if "cuff" is a tag included on the listing. Buyers will still be able to search for an item using your tags and be able to find them.

If you'd like to make your items appear in a specific subcategory, you can edit your listings to reflect this.

Again, sorry for the delay on clearing this up. Thanks all!

Posted at 6:55 pm May 17, 2012 EDT - Report this post

as was stated there, your listing used to show up in multiple categories if you used the different category words for tags.

now, you only show up in the one category you have chosen.
I have the same problem now. Sometime an item or two from my shop showed up on 1st or 2nd page in the category before, but now none. That's why my views are way down in the last couple of days.
I am tweaking the titles and tags but nothing is working now.
so here's a question, should those categories even be used?

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