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Listing not showing up in sub-categories

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I've been watching this thread and waiting for a response too... non forthcoming it seems.
more people asking questions:
Nothing Yet??????????
Hi all,

I wanted to be sure, but this is categories acting as intended.

An item's Category, Subcategory, and Sub-subcategory are determined by the drop-down options chosen during the listing process. The subsequent tags are used to surface the item when using the search option, but when browsing Categories/SubCategories/Sub-subcateories, only these first three terms are relevant.

For example, if you choose the Category "Jewelry," Subcategory "Bracelet," and Sub-subcategory "Stone," your item won't appear in Jewelry > Bracelet > Cuff, even if "cuff" is a tag included on the listing. Buyers will still be able to search for an item using your tags and be able to find them.

If you'd like to make your items appear in a specific subcategory, you can edit your listings to reflect this.

Again, sorry for the delay on clearing this up. Thanks all!
Matt, it worked differently up until this week. If I selected the categories
but then had a tag that just says "Science", I also showed up in

It's been this way for a LONG time, I think since I started listing in 2008. Are you saying the categories had a bug for 3 1/2 years? :)
I wouldn't say that, Cindy I would say it was a long term bonus feature that we have recently retired. :)
You're right, Cindy. I used to be able to find my items by clicking on every sub-subcategory that I had as a tag, even if there were four or five. Something has changed...
Thanks, Matt. A lot of people tag their items to take advantage of this; with respect, there should have been an announcement if it was ending. It's not fair to keep sellers in the dark about how their items are being found, nor is it fair for the tech staff to keep the forum mods in the dark when they know sellers are going to notice & ask questions.

I'll start spreading the news...
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Inactive Etsy Member 7:42pm May 17, 2012 EDT
And this is the sort of lack of communication on Etsy's part that drives everyone batty.
Glad I stumbled in here.. I would never have known otherwise..

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