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We've been hearing alot about underpricing items and how the items will sell when they have the right price tag. I need some input on my prices... too high?? too low? if so what would be your price

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well i guess pricing is up to who ever sells - they know what it cost them to make the item...
materials= $5 time=1hr ish... depends on what it is that im doing
Very cool stuff, if you feel good about the price go with it.
You should determine what your prices should be.... you can always lower or raise whenever you choose to...offering an item at a very low price does not get the item sold. As long as your prices are reasonable they will be bought if the buyer likes and can afford the item. Some associate a very low asking price with items that may be below par.
Great shop! Have you tried for calculating prices? There are many more expenses than just materials and time to make the item. They have an app there for etsy shops that has your 'fixed' selling expenses figured in.
I think your price is very reasonable for art piece .... Very talented !!
I should have added, you need to consider whether or not you want to eventually wholesale as well when calculating your retail pricing.

You could easily go higher on some of the more complex ones. The simpler ones are priced well, but that's just my opinion.
wow nice shop! You don't have shipping on your items for USA though?
very cool shop and only you know how much work you put into your items so make sure you're getting a fair price for your hours worked!

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