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Question re: an etsy rule, pls help, do you know the answer?

I have some store-made jewelry boxes which I purchased specifically for display at craft shows (they have mirrors in them), can I sell them as a supply? or is that a no-no?

don't want to break the rules, esp. ones around this!

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Inactive Etsy Member 11:50pm May 15, 2012 EDT edited
i would say no, its a finished product that can used as is, and really isnt a crafting supply. if you embellished or altered them in some way, then you could
I'd say yes- they are packaging and should fit within the rules (I buy many of my packaging supplies on Etsy!)
If they are for packaging purposes, then, yes.
If they are something you would put on a bureau to hold jewelry, then, no, not without altering them.
If they are for display purposes at craft shows,fairs, etc, then, yes.
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Inactive Etsy Member 11:55pm May 15, 2012 EDT
oh wait, are you talking about the little boxes for individual pieces? as in packaging? then melissa is right. i though you meant an actual jewelry box of some sort that you used for display purposes, not packaging, as you said they had mirrors in them
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Inactive Etsy Member 11:57pm May 15, 2012 EDT
Commercial crafting supplies

A commercial crafting supply is an item that is primarily used to make handmade items you might find for sale on Etsy (for example: yarn, beads, instructional books, patterns, tools). Both handmade and non-handmade ("commercial") crafting supplies may be listed under the Supplies category.

Commercial crafting supplies are items not handmade by you. (Crafting supplies handmade by the seller are allowed to be sold on Etsy, but are not subject to the policies for commercial crafting supplies. Please see the policies for handmade items.)
A commercial crafting supply is not a commercial item that, although it may be used in crafting, is ready to use as is (for example: mass-produced clothing, dollhouse furniture and clothing).
Commercial tools, elements and accessories that are used in conjunction with handmade items, but are not used to create a new item may not be sold on Etsy as a commercial crafting supply (for example: make-up brushes, wax tart burners).
Shipping supplies and packaging materials are allowed in the top-level Supplies category.
All items in the Supplies category must comply with Etsy's listing policies, including special policies for labeling Supply items.
Oh, yes- just to clarify, I wouldn't consider the kind of jewelry box that you'd keep on a dresser etc. to be a supply- but I use some little brocade covered jewel boxes that have cotton batting and a small mirror inside the lid that would definitely fall under "supplies"- that was the kind of thing I was thinking of...
Yes, there are many differences between "jewelry boxes" --I am talking about ones that one would /could put on a dresser, however, I specifically bought them to match each other and use for craft fairs..... to drape necklaces over and one has sections for earring display.

I'm stuck on this. any help is super appreciated ? :)
If they are something that is to enhance or display or help sell pieces, I would consider that a supply.
For a definitive answer, you can always contact Etsy Support. If you don't like the answer you get, try again, and you may get a different one. ;-)

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