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Relevancy / tagging question

Okay, I've learned a lot about relevancy and SEO but I'm still unsure about this.

I know it's best to have keyword phrases (rather than single words) and to have the exact same phrases in tags as in titles.

I also know that if my item is, for instance, a dress, I don't NEED to put dress in the title because it's already in my category. But will it help me with relevancy if I use it in my phrases anyway? Otherwise, if I just rely on it being in the category, it's not part of a phrase. Does that make sense?

For instance, I have a dress that could be called a rockabilly dress or a square dance dress. The keyword phrases would be "rockabilly dress" and "square dance dress."

Well, I already have it categorized as a dress. Will it help me to use "rockabilly dress" and "square dance dress" in my title/tags anyway? Or should I just put "rockabilly" and "square dance?"

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I believe it will help you to have dress in your titles and tags as well
I think so too, Tory. I'm wondering also though, would it help to have two phrases that both have "dress" in them or would that be unnecessary?

Sheesh, I took a lot of words to ask that in the OP.
I think it will help you, too...
it can't hurt you:)

I'd run with it!
I do that and I think it helps for Etsy search, but I think it might hurt me in Google.
Ah, good point about Google. Well, dang.

I only get about 10% of my views from Google. I'm thinking I should work harder on relevancy (being found through Etsy) than SEO (Google) though I know both are important.

I've read in other threads that even people who work super hard on SEO still get most of their traffic from Google.

Thanks for your thoughts.
Do some one way and some the other and watch your stats to see if it makes a difference?
Jen: Good idea. That's almost above my pay grade but I can always try.

Tory, off topic, but I love your Tamsyn earrings.
Thanks Sally!
YW. ♥
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