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Sections? Ugh.

I am looking for some help...
I am struggling with my sections. Currently, I organized my shop by color, but I don't know if it makes sense to a shopper. I would love any ideas on how to organize my items. I used to have them organized by wedding, spring, loose flowers, shower flowers, etc. But I found it was limiting.

Do the color sections make sense? I appreciate any help!

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shop sections are available to be googled. i don't think colors would help you there at all.
Ah, I didn't know that. Thanks!
I like your color sections but I'm not sure if it's what I'd choose to shop by unless the shop was all one type of item (and you have a few). Plus I believe they also come up in search engines. I think it would be better to have them sectioned into type of product - garlands, wires, "loose" paper flowers, and add more sections as you build up your inventory, perhaps?

(Beautiful items, by the way!)
I too would have product type as sections
I would name the sections according to what the item is, rather than colors. If someone is looking for blue cake toppers, they may not want to look through everything in your shop that is blue in order to just find cake toppers. If they want green garland, they may not want to see everything in your shop that is green. I also would not put the spaces between the section words (B L U E, etc.). I won't swear to this, but I think the spaces between the section words could affect search results (if I'm wrong --- someone please correct me).
I agree with lobster design, naming the style would be better than displaying by color, and I'm not liking the capital letters in the sections.
Thanks! I will figure out a way to reorganize. It is always interesting to see things from others perspectives. I am such a visual person, I always see things as colors! Thanks again!
As a buyer, if I land in your shop, I want to know the categories of goods you sell. Paper flowers, garlands, bouquets, banners..... etc.

Remember too, that a buyer can search within your shop for a particular color.
As always, you need to think like a buyer. If someone was looking for a certain item, how would they do it?

And, yes, take the spaces out of your section titles to make them more search engine friendly.

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