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Is there a way to block a customer?

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Inactive Etsy Member 2:54pm May 18, 2012 EDT
I am really looking for some advice on a kind of unsettling situation I am having with a customer:( A woman from overseas purchased some items from me, and then 3 days later filed a dispute with paypal claiming "non-delivery" Paypal then removes the funds from my account and "holds" them until a solution is reached.

My production time is 12 business days, plus shipping, which would probably be over 3 days anyway Internationally! I explained this in my note, and then just refunded her the money, because I can't obtain a tracking number anyway when I do ship, and why would I want to ship items without being paid for them?

The problem then lies with the fact that immediately after, she sent me 25! yes 25 convos in a row, all in upper case, some not in English, some in English, saying horrible things, that I am discriminating against her, that I have a problem with her, that she is contacting etsy...etc. etc. She has continued to do this for the past couple days already.

Then she convo'd me this morning with a copy of the email she received from etsy trust, them apologizing to her and asking her for my shop name, etc.

I have emailed etsy trust as well..three times now...and I haven't received a response.

She is also telling me that she is going to continue to make purchases from me and then ask for refunds!

THere's got to be a way to Block a customer???? She can purchase items, then leave me horrible feedback and then get refunded???

Any suggestions.....

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Inactive Etsy Member 2:56pm May 18, 2012 EDT
I would also like to add, that I am completely offended by being accused of discriminating against anyone:( I never have and never will:(
1. Be sure to check your junk/spam folder in case any replies from Etsy Trust were routed there. (Also, make sure you're e-mailing them from the e-mail account associated with your Etsy account.)

2. There's no way to block a customer, but you do have the right to refuse service, as explained in this article...
You can tell her to NOT buy from her... if she does, then refund the money immediately. save copies of emails you send to her telling her to not buy, and send them to Etsy... also save copies of all emails from her, and send them as well...
If she leaves negative feedback report that also, with all circumstances to Etsy... they should remove them...
You can report her to abuse@etsy I believe it is? Someone please send the correct email here! That IS abuse on her end and that last comment about buying items to ask for refunds is definitely something abusive to you.
I feel like a customer can get upset about having their sale canceled.. fine. But to outright tell you that she will buy up your items just to ask for refunds - doesn't that sound like harassment?
Also ask her not to convo you again as per Etsy rules. Once she does you can ask Etsy to get involved.
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Inactive Etsy Member 3:04pm May 18, 2012 EDT
I don't even know what she could have said to etsy, she only copied their reply.

I am saving everything she sent me, and I have emailed etsy response in my spam either:(

ugh! this is so phone just keeps blowing up with convos from her! I didn't want to cancel her sale...but seriously, I have to protect myself too. Paypal forces you to submit tracking numbers, and International First Class doesn't give tracking numbers:(
all these convos are evidence and once etsy sees them you will have nothing to worry about, she wasnt even in her rights to file the non delivery. i also feel ETSY were wrong to appologise, that in anyones eyes would be admitting guilt.

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