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How can i have my first sale here?

I have opened my shop here for a month already...
but i still have no sales :(
I am a bit disappointed.
Is the price too high? Is my items too normal?
is that i have too less items?
What should i do for advertising my own shop?
Can anyone help me.........T_T

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I am not expert but I think your name is confusing, and You need to list more items. Your price point seems fair but only you know how much time and effort it takes you to create these items. Good luck and welcome
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Inactive Etsy Member 4:05pm May 18, 2012 EDT
It's hard to say exactly. You need to change your item titles though to follow SEO in order to be found. The first 3 words of your item title should be the three words you would search for to find that item.
You definitely need to get some more items added to your shop asap as that will draw more traffic and more attention. For specifics I would join a critique team to get more info on specifics or for help on Key words and search.
Definitely list more items; the more you have, the more easily you will be found in searches.
First off, it takes longer than one month for a lot of new shops to get their first sale. I know, it took three months for me to get my first sale. It seems just when I resign myself to thinking I won't have another sale, I get TWO more! That's how it seems to work. Many sellers recommend relisting/renewing listings to keep their items up front in search results but of course you have to pay the listing fee to do so. I will look at your shop and see if I see anything that might help you.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) seems to work best when you have your first words in your titles to say what a buyer would likely type into the search box to find items such as yours. For example; If a buyer wants to find a paper bow, they would enter in the search box, "Paper Bow." So if you have Paper Bow in the first three words of your title, it should bring your items up with other items like yours. Take the quantities off the front of your item titles and put that info after the first three words. Such as a title like: Origami Paper Bows 20 count. Try making those changes and see if you get more views. I wish you luck on getting your first sale!
Your products are very nice. But you need to list a lot more items. Can you imagine going into a shop and there are only 5 items to choose from. Increase your inventory.
Thanks all response! Do you all have any ideas on what items i should focus on? Just origami home decor? or add some origami jewelry?

The origami really takes much time to finish, i just try to price them with searching other similar items on etsy. But i am not sure whether it is acceptable for buyers.

Tricia: I am really new here and i saw that people always talk about SEO, what is that?? I have join some advertising team already but i dun really think that it works. what means by the critique team?

Lisa: Thanks for your advice!! should i also use different keywords for my different items? i use almost the same keywords with all my items.

Nancy: i know i need to be patient but i am really anxious about it. I am not really want to make money but i just want to have a sale that show my works got appreciation from others><
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Inactive Etsy Member 4:33pm May 18, 2012 EDT edited
Before you worry about sales, I'd suggest that you finish stocking your shop. You have very little to choose from right now.

Buyers who have seen your shop and return later will be disappointed because there's nothing new.

I'd suggest that you add at least one new piece every day for the next couple of weeks at least.

Once you've stocked your shop, then its time to do your marketing. Reach out to your target market through blogs, social media or whatever you prefer.

Remember that Etsy provides the storefront but its up to you to bring in your own buyers.

There are a variety of promotion teams that you can join
Lintin: Thanks!! Do you think my pricing is a little bit too high or acceptable?
I will add more items very soon!!

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