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I agree with Gail about colors. We get into a lot of treasuries because of color selection.
I keep checking in on here to see if anyone has found the magic answer to what has gone wrong for so many of us? But, sadly not yet, I see :(
Hey Michelle,
Congrats to you! That's so exciting...I just noticed that you live so close to me, I'm in Eugene and my dh went to OSU. We love Corvallis.....go Beavers!
Hope your good sales continue!
I agree with using colors in titles and tags. I see that I get views from the search "blue pottery bowl" for the blue Roseville bowl I have in my shop.

Hey, Helen, 5 people either "liked" or repinned the paintings of yours I pinned. Hope they checked you out!

Sorry, wrong post!
Thank you, Gail! yes, it's like someone opened the door....getting many more views and sales.....I love Corvallis too! Go Beavs!
well that was the saddest month on Etsy ever. My lowest by FAR since I started selling regularly maybe 2.5 years? 3 years.. i have lost track …

been slapped by Etsy for I know not what? has etsy been slapped by goole over the May google changes? probably.

Right now I'm running search ads and nothing is going on? They started this morning...It says it's running but nothing is happening?
Why would this happen?
Anita, I've had the same problem with my search stats for 2 months now.
I've seen a big drop in views too, and up until May I was getting 2-3 sales per week. Now the sales are 1-2 weeks apart.

It seems that the time of day when I would expect people from USA to be looking is getting drastically fewer viewers - yesterday only 4 views between 12 noon and midnight USA time. My husband's shop didn't get any at all between those times.

I checked on Google Analytics to try to work out what was happening.
I found that although views were slightly down for traffic comparing April and May, it was the movement within my shop that has made a big difference.

My bears are coming up ok on Etsy - when I put in 'Chiltern Bear' using my husband's shop 3 of my bears are shown.

The only thing I can think of is that my views are coming from customers who already know of and have visited my shop before. Therefore they are not looking around but just checking out new items, giving fewer views.

On the other hand I would expect new customers to browse, checking out many items as everything would be new to them.

This raises the question - why are we (reading through this post there are many of us in the same boat) not getting as many new customers?

Is this a problem in all countries or are Etsy home based (American) shops still getting reasonable views?

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