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There are tumbleweeds on the front page right now. I am not kidding.

I certainly wouldn't rely on getting the bulk of my business from a couple of searches that yield a high amount of results. If I am not ranking well in a 'womens dress' search, so be it. Big deal.

'Women's clothing' is often one of my top searched phrases according to my stats, but yesterday, I got just 6 views from that search which is average. How could I run a business on 6 views if that's what search I was bound and determined to rank well in?

I actually rank really well in a 'women's clothing' search and have 1 item on pages 1 and 2, plus more in subsequent pages. But that's not where i"m getting my views/sales from. I had over 13 pages in my stats of keywords/phrases that people found me by yesterday with searches like 'boho plus size' and 'ladies tunic tops'.

Jan, any U.S. buyers?

Jan Skácelík from handz says
Yesterday it was hell of a slow day and today - wow, where are the views gone?

Cindy - i agree that this combination of factors may be a big problem but also I wthill think etsy is bugged thanx to recent changes and of coruse Relevancy is still random beta test -- totalyl insanely working. And of course wather and tags - cmoon this is for sure not the case now.

TheKraftRoom - after 3 days of almost none, they returned by little.

BTW today is my slowes (views / reffering pages) day this year from what I checked - really realyl down, even for Saturday (usualyl worst day for views)
It sounds like I need to do a little "experimenting" with my tags/titles/descriptions and see if I can improve my SEO. My views/sales have been lower the past 2 weeks, but I just attributed it to the time of the year. I am still up from where I was last year, but it seems that every few months I need to change things up a bit as etsy changes occur.
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Inactive Etsy Member 6:15pm Jun 9, 2012 EDT
I mentioned this last week in a different post "where are all the buyers". I sell bath and body (lip balm and perfume) and have noticed a drastic change in and views and orders within about the last 2 weeks. Thank you eveyone that responded to this thread. The last thread had me feeling guilty for having the few orders that I did have that week.
Cindy from cindylouwho2 says

Melaniegail from MGDclothing says
I would still expect to see more people saying they are doing well Jana. Its always happened in the past, why not this time?
If you look at the other threads, there are TONS of people doing well. They just aren't posting in this thread.


I have been looking at the other threads, not seeing it.. Ibn fact there is another huge thread with similar storyline re wedding sellers, no one on that 500 page thread is rejoicing either Do you have any links to these threads, I would be interested in seeing them?
Oh dear, I picked the wrong time to take my shop off vacation mode by the sounds of it, it does seem slow...
It is super odd. My views are down - today I just hit 300 for the day - that is less than half of what I normally did. My sales are good this month though. Don't know why but I'll take it.
Melanie, here is one where lots of people are doing quite well, although some aren't (same as always):

I've had several sellers convo me about this - some are up & some are down. The ones who are up say they are afraid to tell people. But as you know, I am not afraid of anyone LOL

The wedding category is a separate situation. Although I do know some wedding sellers who are doing very well, since they never relied on category views before now.

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