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I still think views are low for people who post in forums, the other sellers are too busy selling.
Who are those mythic "others"? Some are for sure bussy but many who doing fine are down past weeks, there are more threads abotu this than usually and al lare having hundreds of pages already, this is nto classic up and down problem now.
Retail is traditionally slow in summer.

There are plenty of other possible reasons, and no single answer will work for all the low-view sellers.
Summer, weather, school, no school, holidays..... never affect business so much unless you do seasonal stuff. Nowdays crysis is thanx to some change, etsy, google. who knows, I believe combination of both.

did anybody noticed that searches now looks more like "recency" I tried "poster" and practicaly whole forst page shows only listings oldy 10-50 minutes up to few hours, and this is similar on sveral more pages - this never ever was like this as there were always some weeks or months old listings on first pages. Really interesing thing!

this may be 2 things - relevancy was drasticaly changed OR everybody is became enormly depressed by lack of sales so they are renewing like mand (which you now have to )
At 50 views and one favorite...really this is getting sad:(
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Inactive Etsy Member 7:58pm Jun 12, 2012 EDT
Mine is 60 views and 5 favorites, not much better :(

Jan, I was starting to think that recency was becoming more important in search. I went a few days without listing anything new or renewing and then when I did, my views went up??

well, for today, I can say I have had a decent day. I am at sale 777. Made 6 sales today. Views have been decent. I had posted in this thread that one night at 8pm I had only 82 views from search. Tonight at 8pm I have 158.

I believe tithing has helped me to weather this storm.
ours have dropped too but are still higher than the months before, so we are still climbing only so slowly.
a few days ago we were at 4,000 views and many sales, then today...we cant make it past 300! Something is definitely up! We even are paying for the search ads too.

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