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That is an interesting thought Cat!
We pay a lot of attention to data in everything we do here on Etsy, including when we triage potential bugs for the impact they could have on the site. At this time, we have no reason to believe that there's a widespread issue causing a drop in sales or views. However, you and all of our other members play an important part in helping us to identify bugs or potential bugs on the site. What helps most in that process is whatever data you have available, as well as screenshots and information about the browser and operating system you're using.

When you encounter unexpected behavior from some feature on the site, the right place to share that with us is the Bugs Forum. The more data that you can provide us when doing so (like what's referenced above), the more quickly we can take issues to our Tech Team and the more quickly they can often deduce the potential problem at hand.

Keep in mind too that seasonality may be a factor in the cyclical rise and fall of sales, views, and other activity. Though you might've seen some of our Etsy Seller Handbook posts in the past, every opportunity you can take to improve or optimize some part of your shop is an opportunity to gain attention or sales that you may not have had before. We have an entire series of videos in our Online Labs devoted to sessions on shop critique and improvement. You can find those at the link below in the Etsy Success section:

We want buyers to have a wonderful experience seeing and buying the amazing items that you offer. We take these reports seriously, and we are continuing to investigate for any issue that might have an impact on views and sales.
I honestly will never understand why there is so much worry about views.

If you have a product people need and are marketing to your target audience you only need 1 view to sell something.

Would you be happier if you suddenly had 5000 views, and still no one bought anything? Everyone used to be happy when they had all those 'fake views' long before Etsy fixed that problem and eliminated the bot views. Then everyones views went down and everyone cried and mourned the loss of these views (even though they were fake, and would never lead to sales anyway).

My views are super low, but my sales are through the roof.

So stop worrying about views.
i am starting the day after a little break from the computer. just got back from shopping for product. as soon as i started working my shop everyday again, and improving my seo, sales are going back up.

i am not planning on going anywhere so what ever the "new norm" is i will work with it.
Thanks, Rob. I believe a couple of bugs were discovered in the thread and subsequently reported below.

1 month old today - happy bday, thread.
As promised I said I would let everyone know the Etsy Admin. response to my email letting them aware of this thread..I left out certain things that where addressed to my shop personally.


Hi there,
Thanks for getting in touch with us! I'm sorry for any frustrations regarding the switch to relevancy.

We have made improvements to our search relevancy and after a lot of testing, we determined that defaulting to relevancy search is better for the marketplace. Read more about relevancy here:

When you search by relevancy, you get more diversity in the results. More diversity means more visibility for more sellers, and more choices for buyers. Ultimately that translates into more clicks to item pages and more sales! More sales faster means a happy marketplace.

If you want to see the most recent items listed, you can click on “Most recent” in the “sort by” bar at the top of your search results. You can also choose to sort results by high or low prices. We provide you these options so you can better tailor your search to exactly what you are looking for.

If you're looking for ways to increase your shop views and orders, it's a good idea to put together a marketing plan and goals. First, I know it says that this article is for new sellers, but the tips really apply to everyone:

Many sellers like to connect with fans of their shop via social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. You can connect your Etsy Shop to your Twitter and/or Facebook pages to encourage customers to follow you:

The monthly Merchandising Desk articles give a heads-up on what themes we will promote the following month. You can use these keywords in your tags and titles where accurate:

There are more ideas about marketing your shop in the Seller Handbook:

Finally, be sure to check out the Teams section to get advice from other sellers, if you haven't already. Try searching for what you make in the Teams section to find relevant Teams. This is one of the best ways to learn and get feedback! Here's a link to the Teams page:

Let us know if you have more questions!


Etsy's Support Team

With that stated, I must say that I have gone over my titles like crazy and put into them as much relevant info as I can stuff into a title....and it has helped to bring my items forward on the pages. I can't say that it has helped with sales yet....time will tell. I think it just comes back to SEO/ Marketing outside of Etsy....and each seller deciding for themselves whether it's worth doing here or on their own.....Best of luck Etsians.


"My views are super low, but my sales are through the roof. "

How do you sell without people seeing your product? that possible?
More diversity, more choices......heh... as i thought - more of everything and nothing in the end. And by witch key are those choices displayed? Nobody knows. For marketplace it works but for shops it means disaster. Forcing results to be diverse is not fair. it ends by what is happening now. many good shops are burried and many things people do not want are "relevant".

Today another slow day - extremely - worst views.than weekend - this is not almost even possible.and it is not thanx to seo. I believe people now have problem find what the like more then before as a part of the problem. Im doing lots of tests and in some cases you find some shops listings on bottom only while some others have listings on every page - where is diversity in this?
@ LeFay: Exactly...if people searching for "horse art" aren't seeing my horse art in their search, then I won't be able to make a sale. I haven't had one sale since April 22nd. :(

I have two views from twitter and one from catagories when I renewed a listing.

As for maximizing my shop...I have asked for help in the SEO teams. Their comments were "Great photos and fantastic descriptions" which is cool. The only suggestions they could give me were a few tags like "firehouse dog" for my dalmatian note cards. That was apparently according to other sellers who are SEO wizards, they don't see a problem with my listings. Shoptimizer gave me A's and B's when it came to my shop (titles were too long was the main issue it found.) So, if my listings are fine according to others....where are the views from people searching for horse art, dog art, etc??

I've always had the feeling that Etsy is one tool I have in my marketing tool box. I still feel that way and I don't see myself doing anything drastic like shutting down. But, I am definitely going to start focusing on other marketing methods of getting my art out there to people who are interested in equine and canine art. My etsy shop will remain open...but I think on the back burner until things become a little more encouraging.
Oh, I lied...I just got another view....from my actual studio webpage. That makes a whopping three views.

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