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KTownesend from KTownesend says

Does anyone have any good advice on SEO or just anything about having your shop be found??? Like alot of you, I feel like you have to wade through alot of listings before mine pops up.

Though I see the advantages to both sides of the arguement, I do have to say I like the objectives of SEO more.

With that being said, can any of you write a few posts on SEO, having your shop found, or how you started finding success on this site?

For new shop owners, this is more than discouraging to see such little action.

Thanks :o)


Hi KTownesend! Our Seller Education Team has devoted a number of articles to getting your items found in search, and I think you might find some of them useful. You can find a handful of these articles here, with a link to more just below (and links to lots of other helpful articles on the same page!):
corrine from blingitongirl says
Listen, don't rely on anything other than yourself.. Take the bull by the horns and don't let go!
Wise words. Things are always changing so we can either keep doing what used to work but may not work now or try new things to adapt and roll with those changes.
I was one of those who absolutely hated the wedding category. I was pretty vocal against it, expressed my opinion on why I think it stinks but I can't keep dwelling. It was counter productive for me to just keep complaining about it. I kept it in perspective and found that most of my views don't even come from categories. I think Etsy probably won't back down on the changes of categories until they see that they really aren't working the way they have them set up now.
I used to browse the wedding category and now it loads so slow that I don't have patience for it so I don't.
I admire Sharyn's equable temperament, I must say.

To those who believe Search Optimization is completely useless (I'm looking at you, Jan), perhaps you should stop tagging entirely to prove your point? That is, if you continue to get about the same amount of views and sales with no tags, you will prove us believers wrong.

For the record, I am a vintage seller having neither my worst month ever nor my best month ever here. I see my stuff come up a lot in first page searches for a particular item, because it is weird one-off oddball stuff. I can well imagine that someone selling a product similar to thousands of others in the way it is described would in fact have trouble constantly appearing on the first page of search, though. For myself , I'm sticking with SEO (although I wish I could find more old pony boy cap guns, especially before Halloween).
Ha, ha, Susan! I can have a short fuse sometimes! Actually, though, as far as all this stuff goes, I truly feel that if it's not working for you, do something different. If it is working for you, keep doing what you are doing. I equate complaining to etsy like being stuck on a hamster wheel ;) and I'm just speaking for myself. I'm not telling people not to complain if they want to, I just find it counter productive for me.
Posted this in another discussion thread, but I think it's quite appropriate for this one too...

Here's some evidence I think most of you will be able to understand. I just looked at my top keywords for the last few days (I use the word "top" because they were on page 1 and were what brought me my "top views" from search, pitiful as they were)

These are some of my most recent page 1 keywords from my stats:

large boy bib
jungle outfit for boys
flowers set of 8 (what the heck?)
baby frock designs 2012
preteen clothes
bib with armholes
12 month baby girl clothes
4th July peasant dress
american girl handmade
ruffle tier american girl doll skirt

Here is what my page 1 top search keywords SHOULD (and use to) look like:

children's clothing
baby clothes
spring clothes
toddler dress
toddler clothing
girls dress
baby girl

I should (and use to) come up quite well in searches for such broad types of key phrases, and these are the types of phrases most shoppers use ... ie I'd have at least 1 (and most often several) listing(s) on the first 2 or 3 pages of any such search.

Being that all of my titles and tags are optimized for such kinds of keyword phrase searches, and at the moment all of my listings for ALL of these popular searches are pretty much buried, I trust that a discerning person would see something wrong with this picture.
Yes, my search stats have also dropped dramatically. I don't think it is a seasonal issue, I think it is an Etsy issue!
I am honestly pretty spooked.

My views and my sales are waaay way down since early March and seemingly getting worse as time goes by. It's frightening, this is my full time business.

I've worked, tweaked, changed, updated and done every little and big thing that I can to improve the freefall that my shop seems to be in. I used to get 300-450+ views and visits a day. Now I am *lucky* if I get 200-250.

But really, I seem to be in the 100-150 range on average any more.

My sales are down fully 30% from January 1st June 20th of 2011, trust me, I compare to the previous year a lot. My sales are down from 2010's same date range too. I'm back to 2008 -2009 traffic and sales levels...boom. Just like that.

I have no idea why. I can see that my SEO is not terrible, often I can find myself in search within the first 1-10 pages of my searches. Not always, but often enough that I know my titles and tags are good and well optimzed.

Soooo...why my views (which are very directly tied to my sales) are so crashing I have no way of discerning. It's scary stuff. I keep trying to be "chin up!" and wait it out but I have been on a speedy decline in March at this point and it's no longer a blip for my shop but a sudden nosedive.

Google Analytics is showing a similar rapid and sharp decline in views, visits and etc that bears this all out as a real crisis.

I don't have tons to offer, but as a seller with over 3,000 sales and an non-stop active shop since January of 2006, I know my way around the Etsy ropes and block. I know how to work on SEO, titles, tags, descriptions, promotions....all of it.

And's becoming like a nightmare in slow motion for me and my shop. I'm just really really concerned.
Sharyn...I get your point but it's not entirely true. I have signed off my account to look around as a buyer...and I come across the same issues. I will see the same page for days or I still see one store dominating the first few pages with mulitple items.

I don't think the communty sharing their frustrations is a mark against's actually the opposite...we care enough to want to figure it out and have administration stand accountable.

This is good the end it's this kind of open dialogue that will help Etsy to thrive.
Is there no end to this decline in views///
Come on Etsy, we need a sale///
Help us here, what do we do?

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