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Hello there!

In the last 11 days I observe my Search Stats to drop more and more every day until they dropped almost 50% than it were the last 8 months!

I have read about the new Weddings Category and that an item's Category, Subcategory, and Sub-subcategory are determined by the drop-down options chosen during the listing process, but didn't thought that these would be responsible for such a drop or even a drop at all in my search stats!

I have all my jewelry in Jewelry Category and not in the Weddings Category and thought that when someone searches for something, EVEN when choosing to search either from the first page of Etsy, or choosing to search by choosing the Weddings Category from the first page of Etsy and then search for something, BOTH jewelry that are in the Jewelry Category AND in the Weddings Category WILL show up!

ONLY if someone searches for something and then choose to click on the Weddings Category on the left, then the items in the Jewelry Category will not appear and vice versa. If someone puts the jewelry in the Weddings Category and someone clicks on the Jewelry Category on the left, then they will not appear. Is that right?

If the above are right, do you have any idea why my search stats dropped so much even if my shop is relevant?
Is there something I miss?
Is there a probability that all this damage to my search stats was caused by the fact that I don't have any of my items in the Weddings Category?

Thank you so much for all your help! I really appreciate it! : )

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We pay a lot of attention to data in everything we do here on Etsy, including when we triage potential bugs for the impact they could have on the site. At this time, we have no reason to believe that there's a widespread issue causing a drop in sales or views. However, you and all of our other members play an important part in helping us to identify bugs or potential bugs on the site. What helps most in that process is whatever data you have available, as well as screenshots and information about the browser and operating system you're using.

When you encounter unexpected behavior from some feature on the site, the right place to share that with us is the Bugs Forum. The more data that you can provide us when doing so (like what's referenced above), the more quickly we can take issues to our Tech Team and the more quickly they can often deduce the potential problem at hand.

Keep in mind too that seasonality may be a factor in the cyclical rise and fall of sales, views, and other activity. Though you might've seen some of our Etsy Seller Handbook posts in the past, every opportunity you can take to improve or optimize some part of your shop is an opportunity to gain attention or sales that you may not have had before. We have an entire series of videos in our Online Labs devoted to sessions on shop critique and improvement. You can find those at the link below in the Etsy Success section:

We want buyers to have a wonderful experience seeing and buying the amazing items that you offer. We take these reports seriously, and we are continuing to investigate for any issue that might have an impact on views and sales.
KTownesend from KTownesend says

Does anyone have any good advice on SEO or just anything about having your shop be found??? Like alot of you, I feel like you have to wade through alot of listings before mine pops up.

Though I see the advantages to both sides of the arguement, I do have to say I like the objectives of SEO more.

With that being said, can any of you write a few posts on SEO, having your shop found, or how you started finding success on this site?

For new shop owners, this is more than discouraging to see such little action.

Thanks :o)


Hi KTownesend! Our Seller Education Team has devoted a number of articles to getting your items found in search, and I think you might find some of them useful. You can find a handful of these articles here, with a link to more just below (and links to lots of other helpful articles on the same page!):
We contacted our engineering team to inquire about any issues that we might not been aware of. What we saw was that there is no indication of widespread issues (much as I had mentioned previously). There has been a slight drop that's typical of the beginning of summer, but that's the only thing that we're seeing. I'm not pointing this out to marginalize what you're sharing, but to at least give the reassurance that we are looking and are not finding any pervasive issues.
Corrine - I am not certain that I know what you mean when you say "rotation;" I've looked through some of your posts, but it would be helpful if you could elaborate a little on that for me.

Separately, when you're looking at your Shop Stats you might find this article helpful for getting the most out of the information presented there:
Hey Everyone,

Just jumping in to post, the new article my fellow Admin Nickey wrote on our Blog, this may help explain the seasonal slowdown:

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Inactive Etsy Member 3:42 am May 20, 2012 EDT
Hello Zafirenia, this is weard but you are right I investigate my search ads stats and they drop down from tuesdy drasticly. For some very popular search from 2800 daily to 270. I dont belive that people change behaivours such fast. It effects direcly my sales. Also it is interesting that my view and favorite ratio decrease ass well. What does it means?
it means that algorithm that etsy use is changed and now we spend more money to show ads without return.
just as example I send some stats from my shop.
Keyword Imp view fav order
collar 2,871 41 25 3
Keyword Imp view fav order
collar 3,091 65 20 2
Keyword Imp view fav order
collar 1,796 31 15 0
Keyword Imp view fav order
collar 267 15 2 0
Keyword Imp view fav order
collar 1,613 15 9 0
Yes; mine have dropped, too. I'm not sure what is happening, but something has certainly changed.
I'm so sorry guys that you are affected too!! Hope etsy will give us an explanation about that! I neither believe that this is coincidence or luck. Such a drop in search means that we are not founded by shoppers and there must be a reason why!
I find it strange that I used to get hits from people searching for jewelry but now it seems like only my vintage items get found via search. My jewelry seems to be invisible all of a sudden!

Disappointed & dishearted.
I'm so sorry Angela! Hope someone will explain to us what happened!
everything dropped in past 14 days views, sales etc..
welcome to the new Etsy :/
Same here, it is like a ghost town. The worst I have seen it here.
I don't know what to say guys! I think the weddings category and category change made the difference! Will ever weddings category work on relevancy in the future?

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