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Multiple Quantities Roll Out

So I got up early this morning to start changing my 400+ listings to multiple quantities and noticed they're still charging $.20 per additional item. So I went and found the original post and is says rolling out the WEEK of May 21st. GRRRR.

Anybody have any idea what exactly that means? Will certain people get it before others? Seems like something they could hit a light switch on site wide. In which case, when???

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Hi all,

We're rolling this change out shop by shop over the course of this week. We plan to have everyone switched over to the new fee structure for listings with a quantity great than one by Friday (May 25th).

We started the roll out this morning. When the change is live for your shop you'll see a notice on

The following help doc details how the change will affect your shop fees:

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Not there for me yet either. But I'm pretty sure that nothing is going to happen until later in the morning, and ever then I'm guessing it'll be a while before it's avaiable to everyone...
Opps... I should add, I see in the blog post where it says "When the new fee structure is live for your shop, we'll notify you in the shop management are of the site."

So, I guess they are rolling it out.... anyone have it yet?

And also, what is the "shop management area?" Is that a new snazzy term for our shop tab?
I'll likely be the last one to have it. ;-) A watched pot......

Thanks Amy! Guess I'll do something else productive then.
Me too Melanie, got out of bed at the crack of dawn and now I am sitting here waiting.
Nicole- maybe we should brew another pot of coffee while we wait.
NOOOO I too jumped out of bed and raced downstairs like a 5 year old on christmas morning, but the Etsy Sannta hasn't been :(

I think I was so excited when I saw the announcement I just read 'multiple quantities' and '21st May' then was completely oblivious to the finer details!
c[_] c[_] c[_] c[_] c[_]

Free coffee here :)
Aw, I was looking forward to this! Time to play the waiting game again.

*takes a cup of coffee*
Same here Roseberry. After re-reading the blog post I'm totally bummed that I glazed over important details. HMPH. Well, I'll be just as excited when it does come to my shop.

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