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Is the "multiple listing for no extra" live yet?

I am impatient, I know, but I have gone to list multiple today and it I am still being charged. Maybe it is just a dateline thing?

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i think they are rolling it out a little at a time, and you will get notification when it's available for your shop.

At least that's my understanding.
Hi Kylie,

I can't say as I blame you for being a bit impatient. It's a pretty exciting upgrade. It will take a few days to get everyone fixed up, and, as Leslie mentions, you will get a prompt once your shop has made the change. Hang in there! Thanks!
Thanks heaps for the update Matt! It all seems to be working for me now too.

Hey Matt,

Just noticed that I sold a multiple item listing so the one item remaining Auto Renewed. Went to look at my bill and noticed that I was charged $.20 for auto renew listing fee. Since this was a multiple item, I went back into my billing history to do some research. Noticed that this item expired in April and I renewed them. I was charged $.40 for renewing this listing since it was quantity 2 and this was before the roll out of this new system.

Here lies the question - since April was before this new Auto Renew, I was charged for multiple quantity(2 items) at $.40. Today I sold one and it Auto Renewed and charged me $.20 listing fee. Didn't I already pay the listing fee back in April when it charged me $.40????? So now it seems that all items that had multiple quantities before this roll out are going to get double charged for listing?

Leah - I think it charged you the 20 cents for the renewed listing, not the sold listing - that is what is sounds like to me did...but I just renewed it in mid april, so it was paid for then as well. so it didn't have to be 'renewed' was only a month old.
I have noticed many people have mentioned getting refunds for their old multiple listings, so you may get that old .20 form April refunded to you.
awesome, beadedwire. I know that 20¢ isn't that big of a deal, but we have some other multiple listings too and would just like everything even. thanks!
This applies to new listing only or can I edit my current listing and add multiples in each?

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