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Best and worst months for sales


What are the best and the worst months regarding sales?

Do you plan to have ready to ship things for the best months?

Is summer quieter than other seasons?

Thank you for your answers,


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those things are different for everyone depending on what you sell & how you market. March & October are my worst months. Summer is better than fall for me.

I do plan ahead for Nov & Dec, which are my best months by far. Right now I am introducing & testing new lines for the holidays. Most of my items are ready to ship year round, but if they weren't, I would be making things ahead of time for sure
Last July, inspite of my being in the "Etsy Finds" , lots of people were writing me convos and hearting but - no sales!
Even though my products aren't seasonal, November and December were good (people buying items as presents).

For no apparent reason Feb and March were great for me. I though 'this is it! It's going to be like this from now on!!' Then April and May came along and have been terrible.

I've given up trying to figure it out now and just go with the flow!
For me the months leading up to christmas are the best by far. Next year I will definitely stock up, so I won't run out. Here on Etsy the last month has been a bit quiet, especially the US sales. Hope it will soon pick up again.
I haven't been here for a full month yet, but so far my worst months have been October and January. November was the best because I sold lots of Christmas items.
That's the sort of thing that's different for everyone. For me, May-August and December (I can understand that one, people probably spending their money on gifts!) last year were my slowest times, but this year May has really picked up. Since most of my work is custom, I'm saving up all my new ideas and pacing myself with listings so I have things to add in slower times. I think you need a good few years to really figure out when busy times are and when slow times are, and even then I don't suppose it's guaranteed that each year will be the same. :)
Shop stats only go back so far, but the ones from the past year confirm my feeling that April was my best month. Lots of religious gift-giving opportunities then. Next were December and November. Lowest - like, zilch - was October.

Unless someone requests a custom order, all my items are ready-to-ship. I do try to have a good inventory for pre-Christmas sales and concentrate on special-occasion items for the spring.
For me May has been the worst month up until today. I got a big order so now I am right back on track.
I have been here almost 6 years now and for me it's all year round. I try to sell things that pertain to all the seasons.

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