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Has anyone gotten the new item listing change yet?

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Inactive Etsy Member 9:23am May 21, 2012 EDT
I was looking for anyone who gets this early. I was wondering if there will be an email sent or an announcement in your shop to notify you of the change. I know they said roll it out, did anyone see how many days it would be until everyone gets to make the item number changes?

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When it is live in your shop, you will have an announcement posted at the top of your business management page.

They have not stated how long this will take to roll out or exactly what time/day they are starting.
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Inactive Etsy Member 9:27am May 21, 2012 EDT
Hmmm... Ok thanks. I thought I would ask as I will have to spend at least a day going through and updating all of my inventory in my shops. It is a big project for me. This is going to make my end of year inventory so much more organized so I just can't wait!
me too... I have over 300 listings as well
I can't wait until this hits our shop. We can FINALLY offer some real quantity of items :)
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Inactive Etsy Member 9:30am May 21, 2012 EDT
I know! I am looking forward to getting organized. I am off to go buy some more bins so when I do go through I can tidy up too! Fun!
I haven't got it yet but I'm sure looking forward to the change.
Speaking as a buyer, I can't wait until supply sellers get this new option! It's going to be so much easier when they are able to list multiples with the new feature so I can purchase the amount I need without waiting (often thru a weekend!) for them to set up a custom listing! Very excited about this improvement!!
Um... I must have missed something...

What is this change? Thanks in advance :-)
@ Cher,
I think, from what I've read, some supply shops may go easy on this feature.
It is more cost effective for them to create 1 custom listing for 20 cents then it is to sell 10 twenty cent listings.

We'll see how it goes for them.

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