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Who has had sales increase due to DC?

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It helps a lot for me! I kinda wondered what happened, it's wonderful.
nobody. unless every customer told them that direct checkout was the reason they purchased, which i doubt. otherwise we dont know why we have increases or decreases.

direct checkout wont likely yield immediate sales increase if any. what it does is offers more options for your customers, which ideally leads to being a friendlier site for the user, which then would lead to a more pleasant and memorable experience and repeat business. ideally.

some say that it makes people think they only have the choice of credit card but i think people are pretty smart in general, if they are shopping online. and those who dont know how to choose their payment method are probably at the mall instead.
and of course repeat business comes from a combination of ease of use, options, customer service, and quality, availablility, affordability, shipping speed and etc.
I wanted to mention, I actually made a purchase today and accidentally clicked the DC option ..I could have backed out but once I got there I figured ..what the hell.. and continued. I have my CC # commited to memory so it was no inconvenience to me to do so. I wonder if people just find themselves there and keep going because they don't know they could back up or they figure it's not a big deal for them where the money comes out of.
until there is a requirement of the buyer to select their payment option, we will never know if dc is actually to be credited with increasing one sales, since it is the default payment option and many don't realize they have choices when they are paying by credit card. It may appear that dc is the reason for the sale, but is it really?
LOL Jacqueline... so very true ;)

I give the buyers credit for being able to see their options when checking out, and should they just mosey on thru checkout without realizing that DC is the default, they are given the opportunity to go back and change their payment method, so I strongly doubt they're being "lured" into using it just because it's the first on the list.

In addition to an increase in sales in my shop, it's saving me and my buyers the hassle when they chose "other" thinking that meant they could pay directly with a credit card... convo explaining that they'd have to use PP and then sending a PP invoice for the order... no longer a problem.

Let's not forget that PayPal limits how many purchases a buyer can make using the 'complimentary' credit card option before the insist that the customer opens an account with them. Those who do a lot of shopping here could reach that limit very easily, and if they don't want a PayPal account, they could no longer shop with us without the DC option.
why would anyone ever assume that the payment method is the reason for the sale?

do you ever say "i want to use my credit card, what should i buy?"

nope. the other way around. i want to buy this, should i use my credit card or paypal?

well... i dont have money in my paypal right now so i will use my credit card...

it didnt cause a sale. it just made it easier for me to buy it on my terms.
My sales are about half from Direct checkout and half from paypal.

I don't think it's increased sales, but I do like the convenience for my customers if they choose to utilize that option.
So far, it seems that DC doesn't necessarily increase sales, but doesn't hurt them.

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