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What happened to taste test?

This morning it was gone from my front page. I may have mistakenly deleted it -- but now I can't find where to take it again. Is it gone?

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Inactive Etsy Member 8:58am May 22, 2012 EDT
I don't know, but I hope it's gone, I didn't like it personally.
I love it. But the link no longer works. Maybe they've phased it out. I didn't see any announcement though...
wow, I cannot believe my eyes!! It's actually Gone!

People have been asking to make it optional or remove it for ages!

I didn't like it much, and it brought very little traffic to the shop (50 total this year)..
It was made optional a little while ago -- but now it seems to be gone. Boo. I really liked it. It was a big help for me when I made treasuries!
Wow, that was sudden, it was there half an hour ago.
Oh, and I'll miss it. That's how I find the majority of the shops I like.
Maybe it's just a glitch.
Leslie & Sandra - you were the only two people on Etsy who liked the taste test, I'm afraid! seriously, people in here have been complaining about it for months! I didn't like how repetitive it was.
Haha- nah, I've seen plenty of favourable comments about it. We're just fewer in number.

I just wonder, if it's truly gone, how I'm going to find shops that I like. I find the search feature on here to be limited. I put in a couple of words and it brings up a dozen items from one shop on the first two pages, unless I want to slog through a hundred pages of things to find more variety.

I liked the suggested shops feature that Etsy used to have and was dropped in favour of the Taste Test. That was helpful, too. I guess it's just the way I shop, I need helpful hints to find places.

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