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Is there a problem with Etsy with-

Is there a problem with Etsy with saving Favorites? Last night I saved to make a treasury today and when I went into my favorites just now, it is not there!!!

I spent hours seaching and saving....

Anyone else having this problem?


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Not understanding where you 'saved'. Was it items you put in your favs to revisit today? If so, are you sure you have your favs page on 'items' and not 'shops'? There are tabs at the top of the page.

If you did a treasury, you have to save as private to go back and work on it later.
Ok here is the deal-

I just went and tried this 3 times, to make sure that their is a problem.

1. When I favorite an item off of my feed- It will save in my Favorites and I can see it.

2. When I search for instance Candy and save from Search ( Handmade, Vintage and so forth) and click on the little red heart to save to my favorites- It is NOT saving or showing in my Favorite Items.

Something is wrong with Etsy.

Do you understand what I am saying?
Why don't you try it and see if it works for you.

I know what I am doing on a computer, so it is not something on my end.
I just faved this link

Do you see it in my favorites? I don't.
No one will want to help you if you get all defensive and snarky with them.
Renee was just covering the basics and trying to clarify what the problem was.

Anyways, I tried what you said.

It worked.
restart your computer
No need to get frantic, and like Lisa said, attitude doesn't help here. I will try and see if mine works.
that was happening to me a few days ago and i kind of understand.
if you were just favoriting by clicking the heart icon, it might not be working well. try going the original route of clicking on the item you want to favorite and selecting "add to favorites". should work fine.
Well, we can't see your favorites at all, since they're hidden from the public.
And shout out to Pittsburgh! I grew up in Butler county!
I Favorited something, then clicked on the heart at the top of the page, and it is there. I guess you need to post in bugs if it isnt working for you.

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