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What's up w/ all the ads

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It sounds like you have some Adware or Malware on your browser. Most of the time, clearing your browser's cache can fix the problem:'s-Cache
If that doesn't work, there's a program called MalwareBytes that we use, it's pretty awesome.
Yeah, clearing a cache really can't elimate malware/spyware on your computer (if only it were that easy!). You'll need some program for that task. Give MalwareBytes a try....
Hope you can get your problem resolved!
we had them on my laptop, clearing the cache took care of it (running a virus scan didn't bring anything up)
I have been seeing these ads ALL OVER the place, not just at etsy. They appear at the top and sides and are very distracting. HATE is not a strong enough word for how I feel about them. I can't stand going anywhere I see them. So unfortunately I haven't been to etsy or my forums for a while. I have run malware/adware removal and unfortunately it has done nothing to remove it! I am very frustrated. But at least I now know that etsy and the other places I am seeing these horrid ads are not the culprits - thank goodness!
I don't have any ads showing on my screen.
Hello Christina.

I would like you to join my team. It is called online marketing 101 This week I am posting a class about ad-ware/spyware removal from your browser.

The classes are free !
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Inactive Etsy Member 1:19am Apr 6, 2013 EDT
I'm actually having this problem too. I use Google Chrome and while trying to print shipping labels from my laptop I had to allow pop ups from Paypal and had it set as only allowing from Paypal. Now I have all these crazy pop ups that I can't get rid of.
Aha!!! I was able to remove them and I hope they don't come back. For me, it was in my Chrome browser. Where the extensions are listed, there was something called Add Now (if I remember the name correctly). It was actually malware. I just deleted it and now I don't see any more ads! Yay. :)

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