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Is this allowed?

There is a shop that had over 100 items listed and I used to shop there. But I went to their shop today and they only have 5 items listed and in their shop announcement they say to go to their website (then they list their website) to buy their items. I didn't think this was allowed on etsy. Anyone know the answer?

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it is not allowed, you can just report them and let Etsy handle it. )

It's allowed, if the items listed here, aren't on the website.
Gina is right, forget my reply. :)
if they have items available for sale here then they can have a link to another selling site as long as what they are selling there is not the exact same thing as they have here.

if there were no items in their shop here it would not be allowed.
Wow. I'm surprised. Everyone could do what this shop does to avoid etsy fees. Just put up a couple of items and then direct all the traffic to your own website for your other 98 items.
Although if Etsy feels that it's fee avoidance they still might be in violation.
You can't use your Etsy shop as a placemarker to direct people to your website. Sounds like they're stretching the rule to the limit even if they don't sell the exact same things.

If they sold similar things on Etsy, then moved them to their website, then used Etsy to advertise their website, it's a violation.

I have a website where I sell the exact same things, but there's no mention of it here. And I certainly don't encourage people to leave Etsy to shop there.
But if you only list a couple of things here, it's a lot harder to be found.

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