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Etsy legality of "kits"

I have been painting little stones, which would be great for those little desktop zen gardens, and I would like to sell them in my shop. Can I sell them in a kit with a little wooden tray and a bag of sand, if I don't make the tray?

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We don't "make" our supplies, but we make jewellery out of them.. so I don't see why not? :S
If the stones are hand-done, why not? I don't think you're violating terms of use.
I'm not sure--wasn't there an issue recently about a potter who made shaving mugs but couldn't sell them as a set with a shaving brush? I don't know if this is even the same thing, but you're right to be asking.
Your best bet is to ask Etsy.

but, in my opinion, if you don't sell it as a 'kit' and you sell it as a 'zen garden', you should be good.
I'm sure that the glass bowls and jars that are used for the terrariums aren't handmade by the seller (they could be, but I haven't seen any). I don't think they have to be either since it is part of the finished product.

I hope that made sense.. if not, I apologize. it's late and my tooth is still killing me.
Exactly, Katy. That's what I was thinking of, hence the question.

I would ship it all put together but obviously that is impossible. Aren't there a few vendors on here that sell terrarium kits (which are gorgeous)? I would think those require some assembly.
Ha, Lisa - exactly what I was thinking.
I honestly do believe that since all the pieces together create a single unified item, it is not considered a kit. Even if you have to ship some of the pieces (sand, rocks) in little bags so that they arrive safely.
Maybe the distinction is that the additional pieces cannot be used by themselves for anything. I mean, there is not much you can do with a bag of sand. I guess you could find a use for the tray by itself.
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Inactive Etsy Member 2:47am May 23, 2012 EDT
I'm sure you can... It's just separate pieces that belong in a completed piece that you have to assemble...

but I would ask Etsy too.. I don't want to give you bad advice..

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